Pharmaceutical water supply charcoal, activated carbon for water

Pharmaceutical water supply charcoal, activated carbon for water

Product description:

Brand : Henan new models : YX
  • Exterior: Black columnar
  • Materials: anthracite
  • specification: 4-8
  • granularity: 4.0 Head
  • Decolorization rate: 80 %
  • Content of effective substances : 80 %
  • Moisture: 3 %
  • CAS: GB
Detailed description:

Product Description: The product is made of high quality natural raw materials ( coal, wood, shell, etc.), using physical activation method is refined, black granular ( or powder ), non-toxic, odorless, has a strong adsorption capacity, filtration speed etc., can effectively adsorb undesirable substances in liquid small molecular structure and molecular structure, and is widely used in the purification of drinking water and industrial waste water purification, sewage, river water quality purification deodorant, depth improvement .

Technical Specifications :

Diameter : ¢ 3.0

Methylene Blue decolorizing capacity : 8ml

Iodine : 800mg / g

Strength ≥90%

Packing density : 500 (g / l)

Moisture ≤5%

Ash ≤12%

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