Supply a large number of ' PAFC ' Purifying

Supply a large number of ' PAFC ' Purifying

Product description:

Brand : Henan new models : YX
  • Mesh: 2
  • model: PAFC
  • Content of effective substances : 80
  • PH value of the use : 3-5
  • chemical composition: PAFC
  • Exterior: Powdery
  • content (%) : 80
  • Packing: Bags
  • CAS: GB
Detailed description:

Ferric chloride (PAFC) is made โ€‹โ€‹of aluminum and iron salts coagulation hydrolysis of an inorganic polymer coagulant, ferric chloride based on the principle of synergy, added elemental iron or iron oxide and other containing three iron complex compound prepared a new type of efficient coagulant. PAFC set aluminum and iron salts respective advantages of aluminum and iron ions form has improved significantly, much higher degree of polymerization. take aluminum , iron coagulant their flotation operation advantageous for improving the performance of PAC coagulation; high turbidity water and low temperature and low turbidity water purification treatment effect was particularly evident, do not add alkaline additives or other help coagulant .

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