Supply of imported poly acrylamide PAM | High-purity high-poly acrylamide

Supply of imported poly acrylamide PAM | High-purity high-poly acrylamide

Product description:

Brand: Henan new models: YX
  • Mesh: 70
  • model: YX
  • Active substance content: 98
  • PH value of the use: 7-14
  • chemical composition: Polyacrylamide
  • Exterior: White particles
  • Content (%): 98
  • Packing: Bags
  • Implementation of quality standards: GB
  • CAS: **
Detailed description:

Enterprise products: PAC, ferric chloride, basic aluminum chloride, poly efficient condensate
Agents, all kinds of water treatment materials.

Polyacrylamide, referred PAM, is a white powder. Hydroscopic, water absorption rate difference derivatives with different ionic character. Polyacrylamide soluble in water, soluble in acetic acid = ethylene glycol, glycerol, and amines the organic solvent. long-term heat easily decomposed decomposition temperature above 200 ℃. under anaerobic conditions, 210 ℃ carbonized black powder.
If necessary, polyacrylamide can be made non-ionic addition anionic, cationic and yin, yang mixed ion to form four types of products.

PAM is an important water-soluble polymer, and both flocculants, thickening, shear resistance, drop resistance, dispersion superior performance. These properties vary derivative ions and different emphases. thus in oil recovery, mineral processing, metallurgy, chemicals, paper, textiles, sugar, health care, environmental protection, building materials, agriculture and other productive sectors have widely used.

Storage, transportation and precautions:
Polyacrylamide itself is not toxic only when inhaled greater than five thousandths due to gastrointestinal mucosa absorption of nutrients while being stuck blocking harmful. Polyacrylamide residual acrylamide units toxic when food applications should be strictly controlled, storage, transportation should pay attention to moisture.

Dry powder 25kg / bag; colloidal 25kg / barrel, built polyethylene film, plastic woven bag outside the bag.

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