Supply industrial water for magnetite filter material

Supply industrial water for magnetite filter material

Product description:

Brand: Yu-new model: YX
  • Filter type: Magnetite
  • Application object: Water
  • Uses: Water filtration
  • Type: High efficiency
  • Density: 4.6 g/ cm3
  • Performance: Acid-resistant
  • Absorption rate: 80 x
  • Pressure resistance: 80 kgf
  • Porosity: 50 %
  • Wear rates: 1
  • Stiffness: 8
  • Chemical composition: Magnetite
  • Rate of soluble in hydrochloric acid: 0.5 %
Detailed description:

Chemical constituents of magnetite Fe3O4, Crystal is a crystal of the oxide minerals, usually octahedral crystals and diamonds 12 facets of collection of grainy or blocky. Intact Crystal is octahedron or diamond 12 facets of diamonds 12 body, diamond surface very long diagonal stripes parallel to the Crystal surface. Aggregates for dense block or granule. Color is iron-black, striated black, metallic or submetallic lustre, opaque, with no cleavage and hardness of 5.5-6, the proportion of 4.8-5.3. Because it has a strong magnetic, also known as the CI Shi in ancient China, magnet, black stone. Is the strongest magnetic minerals, can be permanent magnet and compass in ancient China ' Sina ' is the use of the property. Oxidized into Hematite and limonite.
Magnetite filter material is necessary for three-layer filter-filter material. It has a filtration speed, pollution-cutting ability, long service life and so on. Magnetite filter material, its appearance is spherical, high mechanical strength, does not contain harmful substances, the proportion of 4.5G/cm3, volume 2.95g/cm3 English hardness 5.5-5.6. Magnetite filter materials for tube-type large-resistance water distribution system. Usually it in a three-layer filter anthracite filter material, quartz sand filter meet, is currently the program better ingredients, backwash when blending, to improve the supporting layer and the water distribution system has a good adaptability, is an essential filter for multi-layer filter, filter-advantages of speed up to 30-40/h. Magnetite filter material is a kind of filter products.
In double (multiple) in the filtration, magnetite filter materials are essential to the main filter material, magnetite filter material because the particle diameter minimum, double (multiple), filtration is the last checks of water quality, magnetite filter material quality is qualified therefore directly related to water treatment water eventually.
In most of the industrial water treatment, using forms of filter is a pressure filter, filter pressure and backwash pressure filter pressure is bigger, than major magnetite in the cushion padding can backwash with pressure. If you use the proportion of small or unqualified bedding, which filter feed and bedding in mixed-layer in the backwash process, filter filter effect quickly lost.

Scope of application:

Magnetite filter material, for tube-type large-resistance water distribution system, is a three-layer filter a filter material, mainly to improve the supporting layer and application of the water distribution system has a good capacity, high filtration rate fast, backwash when mixing. In addition, for removal of iron, manganese, fluorine removal efficiency was also evident.

Magnetite filter materials physical and chemical indicators:

Analysis of test data
FeO2 45%
Wear rate 0.04%
Rate 0.05%
Porosity 47%
Density 4.6g/cm3;
2.8g/cm3 bulk density;
Mohs hardness of 6 degrees
Coefficient of uniformity ≤ 1.8

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