Supply of new and efficient Yuxin YX PFS

Supply of new and efficient Yuxin YX PFS

Product description:

Brand : Henan new models : YX
  • Mesh: 2
  • model: YX
  • Content of effective substances : 80
  • PH value of the use : 3-5
  • Exterior: Powdery
  • content (%) : 80
  • Packing: Bags
  • CAS: GB
Detailed description:

PFS are widely used in a variety of industrial wastewater coagulation treatment, such as wastewater, oily wastewater, the city's comprehensive sewage, mineral water and chemical wastewater. Has excellent coagulation properties, the water can be removed CODCR, BOD5, suspended solids SS, heavy metals, color, odor and other pollutants. Features: efficient inorganic polymer flocculant iron salts, due to the multi-core architecture, making it the coagulation purification process, can quickly neutralize the negatively charged surface of colloidal particles in water, so that destabilization, but also plays adsorption or bridging between the particles generated by flocculation.

Main Specifications:
Project Test Data
Iron content (Fe2O3),% ≥18
Basicity, 6-20 %
PH (1% solution ) 2-3
No solution, 1.0%

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