Supply fiber ball packing activated alumina

Supply fiber ball packing activated alumina

Product description:

Brand: Henan new models: YX
  • Mesh: 40
  • model: YX
  • Content of effective substances: 98
  • PH value of the use: 3.5-5
  • chemical composition: Al2O3
  • Exterior: White spherical particles
  • content (%) : 98
  • Packing: Bags
  • Implementation of quality standards: GB
  • CAS: **
Detailed description:

Activated alumina is alumina adsorption properties of the catalytic activity of the porous, high dispersion, large specific surface area. It is suitable for a variety of gases and drying liquid is used as the adsorption reaction process in many oil and fertilizer, chemicals, etc. desiccant, catalyst and carrier.
Activated alumina divided by the internal master crystal composition Y-type and X ~ P-type, can be divided according to their use of activated alumina adsorbents, activated alumina desiccant and activated alumina catalyst support.

(Technical process): Activated alumina balls are white sphere with a lot of capillary channel, there are many pores channel surface of these channels have a higher activity, capable of gas, vapor, liquid water has a selective adsorption instinct major removal the effect of fluoride ions in water is very good. also adsorption lubricants and other oils from oxygen soiled steam, hydrogen, sulfur dioxide, and may make the catalyst or carrier.
(Product Features): This product has high strength, low wear, flooding the same soft, not inflated, not powder, not rupture.
(Adaptation purposes): mainly used in chemical, metallurgy, electronics, petroleum, food and other industries in the depth of dehydration, such as air, oxygen, nitrogen and other permanent gas, refining, gas and other gas and petroleum cracking depth dry.
x-β-type active alumina products of large surface area, good mechanical properties, but has a strong affinity for water, is a water depth of desiccant drying trace having soaked in water in the use of media in the same soft, not inflated , not powder, etc., it is widely used in petrochemical gas, liquid and dried (dew point up to -70 ℃ or less), food industry, textile industry, oxygen industry, electronic industry gas drying and air drying Automation Instrumentation ( dew point up less -40 ℃), pressure swing adsorption air separation industry (dew point up to -55 ℃ or less), etc. Due to the strength and wear resistance, and the net calorific value of single molecules adsorbed layer is high, it is very suitable for non- thermal regeneration devices.

Technical Specifications:

Item 8 to 14 mesh Φ3 ~ 5 Φ4 ~ 6 Φ5 ~ 7
Bulk Density g / cm³≥ 0.72 0.66 ~ 0.72 0.65 ~ 0.70 0.63 ~ 0.68
The average intensity of N ≥ 50 80 100 120
The abrasion rate% ≤ 0.35 0.3 0.3 0.25
The specific surface area m / g 200 ~ 260
Water absorption% ≥ 50
Containing ≤ 1.5% water rate

NOTE: If customers have other quality specifications and special requirements according to the agreement between, according to protocol requirements.

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