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Supply Yuxin various coconut shell activated carbon

Supply Yuxin various coconut shell activated carbon
  • Supply Yuxin various coconut shell activated carbon
Product code: 21004400001
Unit price: 7200 CNY  (1046.85 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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Brand: Henan new models: the various
  • Exterior: Black particles
  • Materials: Coir
  • specification: 1-4mm
  • granularity: 20 mesh
  • Decolorization rate: 98 %
  • Content of effective substances: 98 %
  • Moisture: 6 %
  • CAS: -
Detailed description:

Yuxin coconut shell activated carbon, coconut shell charcoal gold, special treatment of drinking water coconut shell activated carbon, coconut shell activated carbon adsorption super, the price of coconut shell charcoal, coconut shell charcoal factory outlets activated carbon pore by pore size can be divided into three categories Big hole: Radius 1000 - 1000000 A. transition pore: Radius 20 - 1000 A. Microporous: radius - 20 A.

Coconut shell activated carbon adsorption time impact on product size, and different manufacturers, different processing methods for producing activated carbon, decolorization big difference. Yuxin experts remind consumers of activated carbon bleaching temperature and PH according to the nature of your product By experimentally determined.
(1) coconut shell activated carbon general temperature is 75-80 degrees better;
(2) the effect of coconut shell active carbon in water strongest use in strong polar solvent with good results, less effective in a non-polar solvent;
(3) Under normal circumstances, the use of better conditions in the pH3-6;
(4) Generally, the amount of one-thousandth to three (or5).

Water coconut shell activated carbon, coconut shell-based high-quality raw materials, through carbonization, activation, refined processing post-processing products have developed pore structure, large surface area, strong adsorption capacity, low impurity content, repeated use of renewable characteristics Widely used in drinking water, industrial circulating water depth of purification, power plant boiler circulating water, the electronics industry, beverages, food industrial water adsorption capacity, adsorption wide range Yuxin brand coconut shell activated carbon is mainly used for municipal drinking filled water, tap water, purified water, distilled water, ultra-pure water manufacturing equipment, dechlorination, oil purification, and various industrial wastewater purification.
Professional quality manufacturer of activated carbon, coconut shell activated carbon produced by our company uses the high quality coconut shell as raw material, carbonization, activation, and post-processing technology from refined appearance is black, granular, the product has developed pore structure, adsorption speed, adsorption cycle is short, low impurity content, surface cleanliness, high abrasion resistance, rounded edges and corners, uniform size, repeated use of renewable and other characteristics.