Shell activated carbon supply low quality

Shell activated carbon supply low quality

Product description:

Brand: Henan new models: YX
  • Exterior: Black amorphous particles
  • Materials: Nutshell
  • specification: 2-4
  • granularity: 100 mesh
  • Decolorization rate: 80 %
  • Content of effective substances: 80 %
  • Moisture: 3 %
  • CAS: GB
Detailed description:

Shell activated carbon:
First, the shell activated carbon materials, performance, range:
Shell activated carbon with high quality coconut shells, walnut shells, almond shells, peach shell as raw materials, series production process is refined, the appearance of black granules. The advantage is developed pore structure, large specific surface area, adsorption performance, the library layer overcast force is small, chemical stability, easy regeneration, suitable for high-purity drinking water, industrial water dechlorination deep purification and wastewater treatment, bleaching, deodorizing and gold refining and other aspects.

Second, shell activated carbon physical and chemical properties analysis Analysis Project

Test Data Analysis Project Test Data
Iodine value ≥800mg / g packing density 0.45-0.49g / cm3
The specific surface area) 800m2 / g dried alkali ≤10%
The total pore volume) 0.82cm3 / g strength ≥90%
Benzene powder adsorption rate ≥450mg / g PH value ≥7

Packing: 25KG / Bag

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