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Open the door bracelet a pair of large feng shui living room office desk home decorations opening gift

Open the door bracelet a pair of large feng shui living room office desk home decorations opening gift
Product code: 21000100030
Unit price 4.8-98.75$
Sold quantity 58840
Available stock 222351

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Xiangtai home
  • Appearance: animal
  • Color classification: large green green Zhongzhong dark green Gongzhongzhong dark green mother in the green emblem sent to the three red rosewood color large red sandalwood color masterbatch green emblem sent three medium agate color Male 30 * 22CM medium agate masterbatch large green ink in the public red sandalwood color masterbatch large green green mother large black green large green ink mother large large glass color public large large black green mother medium glass color Zhongzhong glass Color Masterbatch to send three large red rosewood large red rosewood color large glass color masterbatch B glass bottom brave 2 imitation wood mini
  • Material: Resin
  • Item: pixiu998
  • Applicable space: living room
  • Style: Ming and Qing classical
  • Function: Lucky
  • Decoration Type: Desktop Decoration

The subject price is a single price , Please buy a pair of please take a male and female.
Fire for 2 years, what are you waiting for?
This section brave for the Division I classic, buy brave do not buy expensive, buy the most affordable!
Because this section brave I line off the line has been sold million!
The market is very much imitation goods have been confused,
I Division of the five major brands jointly launched a fake action!

So that more consumers to buy more affordable authentic 'brave' Decoration,
Just 98 yuan can buy 30CM large brave,
Than the size, than the quality, than the price;
We focus on feng shui Decoration 16 years, factory direct sales, quality assured

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