Supply Yuxin Nutshell petrochemical carbon | Nutshell medicinal carbon | printing with activated coconut shell

Supply Yuxin Nutshell petrochemical carbon | Nutshell medicinal carbon | printing with activated coconut shell

Product description:

Brand: Henan new models: Nutshell
  • Exterior: Black amorphous particles
  • Materials: Nutshell
  • specification: 200
  • granularity: 2 Head
  • Decolorization rate: 80 %
  • Content of effective substances: 80 %
  • Moisture: 2 %
  • CAS: GB
Detailed description:

Yu new petrochemical shell activated carbon is widely used in drinking water, industrial water and wastewater deep purification domestic, industrial water purification and gas adsorption, such as power plants, petrochemical, refinery, food and beverage, sugar liquor, medicine, electronics, fish, sea water purification and other industries, can effectively adsorption of free chlorine, phenol, sulfur and other organic pollutants, especially mutagens (THM) precursor material to purify the impurity to smell may also be used for industrial exhaust gas purification, gas desulfurization, petroleum catalytic reforming, gas separation, pressure swing adsorption, air drying, food preservation, gas masks, carrier media solutions, industrial solvent filtration, bleaching, purification and other separation of various gases, purification, purification.; organic solvent recovery; sugar, monosodium glutamate, medicine, liquor, beverage bleaching, deodorizing, refining; precious metal refining; chemical industry catalyst and catalyst carrier products more bleaching, purification, cleaning, deodorizing, go smell, vector, purification, recycling and other functions.

E-deodorizer (refined sweetening) - reminders of the refining unit weight
Ethylene desalinated water (refined filler) - ethylene plant
Catalyst carrier (palladium, platinum, rhodium, etc.) - styrene, continuous reforming unit
Water purification and sewage treatment - depth treatment of Sheung Shui and water

Chemical catalysts and carriers, gas purification, solvent recovery, and oil and other bleaching, refining

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