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Supply Yuxin coconut shell charcoal gold

Supply Yuxin coconut shell charcoal gold
  • Supply Yuxin coconut shell charcoal gold
Product code: 20996100001
Unit price: 8000 CNY  (1162.76 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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Brand: Henan new models: the various
  • Exterior: Black particles
  • Materials: Coir
  • specification: 1-2mm
  • granularity: 20-40 mesh
  • Decolorization rate: 98 %
  • Content of effective substances: 98 %
  • Moisture: 6 %
  • CAS: -
Detailed description:

Coconut shell activated carbon is a porous carbon-containing material, it has a highly developed pore structure, is a very good adsorbent, activated carbon adsorption area per gram equivalent of eight tennis and drinking places much more, while its adsorption is by physical adsorption and chemical adsorption reached its component substances in addition to carbon elements, still contains a small amount of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and ash, which form a six-carbon ring structure was made of material accumulation. Since six ring carbon irregular arrangement, resulting in a microporous activated carbon volume and high surface area.

Features: a multi-faceted and microporous interception in order to strong, in order to remove oil and suspended high, there are not lipophilic and hydrophilic proper proportion, easy to backwash, regeneration can be strong, especially after its disposal, easy to corrupt, not exchange filter, only make up% per year, Jane provincial maintenance and repair time, the application rate of use: oily wastewater disposal, industrial water treatment and the oil industry circulating water and industrial water treatment career processes to remove oil and suspended solids due to the activated carbon adsorption process and the role of the principle involved in water treatment is more complex, and therefore more influence factors. Important properties of activated carbon, the nature of pollutants in water, activated carbon disposal process principle and the selection of operating parameters and operating conditions.
Level, water quality activated carbon adsorption capacity and water temperature have a certain relationship, the higher the temperature, the stronger the adsorption capacity of activated carbon; when if the water temperature up to 30 ℃, the adsorption capacity reached its limit and gradually reduce possible. When the acidic water quality, activated carbon adsorption capacity of anionic material will be relatively weak; when the water quality is alkaline, activated carbon adsorption capacity of cationic substances diminished so, PH unstable water quality, also affect the adsorption capacity of activated carbon. coconut shell activated carbon odor effect active coconut shell activated carbon coconut shell activated carbon from coal is higher than the cost of many, and the finished activated carbon materials are generally less likely to be recognized by the general public. Often unscrupulous sellers on the market, consumers can not recognize the use of the material weaknesses, with Coal activated carbon coconut shell activated carbon counterfeit sales, whether civilian or industrial areas, this phenomenon is all the more serious.

Gold is a high quality coconut shell activated carbon as raw material, the use of physical methods and high temperature steam activation process is refined. Coconut shell activated carbon particles of gold uniform, high mechanical strength, strong adsorption, post-mill, etc. by a special process, It has good abrasion resistance, and high adsorption performance for modern gold mine gold mining production, mainly for heap leaching or carbon slurry method to extract gold in the metallurgical industry separation and extraction of precious metals.
Gold production of activated carbon adsorption I imported coconut shell activated carbonized material through efficient and refined, with a strong adsorption properties, physical and chemical indicators super! Coconut shell activated carbon appearance is not stereotypes broken charcoal, non-toxic, tasteless, large surface area, adsorption ability, absorption speed, low impurity content, widely used in high-purity gases, liquid adsorption, desulfurization, the elimination of toxic and harmful gases homes, offices, hotels, public places, the car formaldehyde, cured flavor in addition to drugs. completely clear poisonous gases homes, offices, hotels, public places, car formaldehyde, cured flavor in addition to drugs.