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Supply Yuxin various Nutshell activated carbon gold

Supply Yuxin various Nutshell activated carbon gold
  • Supply Yuxin various Nutshell activated carbon gold
Product code: 20995100001
Unit price: 8200 CNY  (1191.83 USD)
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Brand: Henan new models: the various
  • Exterior: Black particles
  • Materials: Nutshell
  • specification: 1-4mm
  • granularity: 40 mesh
  • Decolorization rate: 98 %
  • Content of effective substances: 98 %
  • Moisture: 6 %
  • CAS: -
Detailed description:

Nutshell gold looks black granular activated carbon. Porosity developed, large surface area ratio, strong adsorption performance, small bed resistance, chemical stability having dual characteristics of physical adsorption and chemisorption, is a very good adsorbent. Fruit The main gold shell activated carbon adsorption performance, it is concerned with the pore structure of activated carbon. The specific surface area and pore volume ratio are big, so, to a large extent determines the microporous activated carbon adsorption capacity in solid charcoal surface adsorption occurs mainly in two ways, namely physical adsorption and chemisorption chemisorption is monolayer adsorption, waste water and exhaust gas can be removed in the polar contaminants and some metal ions; physical adsorption of molecules capable of forming a multi-layer adsorption can effectively absorb waste water and emissions of organic pollutants. applies to domestic water, industrial water and wastewater deep purification, dechlorination, bleaching, deodorizing and gold refining and other aspects.
Product size specifications A, CIP process 6 * 6 * 14 mesh 12 mesh (1.41mm-3.36mm) B, heap leaching process 6 * 6 * 14 mesh 16 mesh (1mm-2.38mm) Specifications A, CIP process level Iodine value (mg / g) Strength (%) Premium: HRGT-T) = 1080) = 99 a: HRGT-I) = 1050) = 99 two: HRGT-II) = 1000) = 98 B, heap leaching Process level Iodine value (mg / g) Strength (%) Premium: HRGD-T) = 1100) = 98 a: HRGD-I) = 1060) = 98 two: HRGD-II) = 1020) = 97
We are specialized in producing high-quality manufacturers of activated carbon, the Provincial Science and Technology Committee of high-tech enterprises, consumers trust the brand.
Nutshell activated carbon gold index (Executive Standard GB / T13803.2-1999)
Project / Indicators / varieties Apricot shell activated carbon coconut shell activated carbon project / index / Variety
Size 10-28 mesh% ≥ 95 90 10 10 Moisture%
Iodine value mg / g≥ 1000 950 PH value 6-86-8
Strength% ≥ 96 95 recharge Density g / cm3 0.5-0.55 0.5-0.55
Methylene blue adsorption value ml / g 10 10 Residue on ignition ≤ 0.3 0.3
1, various technical indicators can be based on user needs adjustment; iodine adsorption value is high enough to 1500mg / g, the Syrians may be high decolorization ability to 12ml.
2, the test method: GB / T12496-1999 standard reference ASTM abroad or JISK1474.
3, Packing: 25Kg / plastic woven bag double bags; also according to user needs separately.