Laundry Soap Making Machine \ Laundry Soap Productio Line

Laundry Soap Making Machine \ Laundry Soap Productio Line

Product description:

Product Details:
Product Type Soap
Place of Origin China (Mainland)
Detailed Product Description

laundry soap making machine, automatic complete line.
producing all kinds of soap bar, capacity 100-2000KG/ H, competitive price


The process of making laundry soap starts with the mixing for soap noodles. Then the mixed soap noodles enters in the three roller mill, where thin sheets are made. The sheet then converted into desired shape long strip soap by the plodding machine. Then the long strip soap are cut into the size by cutting machine . Finally the soap bars gets packed by packing machine.

Machines involved for making laundry soap

1. Mixer

Used for mixing the raw material for toilet soap.

2. Three Roller Mill

Used for converting the soap noodles into thin sheets.

3. Plodder (Extruder) Machine

Used for molding the sheets into long strip soap of required shape.

4. Cutting Machine

Used for cutting the long strip soap into desired size to form soap bar.

5. Packing machine:

Available complete set of laundry soap making machine

1) capacity: 100-300KG/ Hour

2) capacity: 600-1000KG/ Hour

3) capacity: 1200-1500KG/ Hour

4) capacity: 1500-2000KG/ Hour