Nano-sponge | Brooklyn wiped | magic rub sponge | Magic wipe clean decontamination sponge | Le Point genuine

Nano-sponge | Brooklyn wiped | magic rub sponge | Magic wipe clean decontamination sponge | Le Point genuine

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Le Point
  • Model: LD-1539F
  • Color Category: 110 Gifts loaded 10 * 6 * 2.5CM (die) 80-120 pieces - mixing device (die) 80 standard pack 150 Gifts loaded 10 * 6 * 2CM (die) individually wrapped 50 10 1 * 7 * 3 to be mounted to be 3 160 Gifts 8 * 5 * 2.5 (die) individually wrapped 90 10 * 6 * 2CM 70 Pian Gifts loaded 10 * 7 * 3 (die) 110 Gifts loaded 9 * 5 * 3CM (die) 6 70 9 * 5.5 * boutique loaded 2.5 (die) 100 boutique loaded 10 * 6 * 2 (die) individually wrapped 40 9 * 6 * 3

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Buy nano-sponge, selected Le Point

Sponge density grades have a lot, a lot of online price, specifications are big and small, of varying quality, look at the picture is difficult to judge, recently taking too many fakes, too cheap, there are businesses on the hype shop they are genuine. many consumers already buy some inferior goods, spent the money to buy a bunch of foam garbage. To this end, the music industry to launch this point 'Authentic quality standards ' Nano-sponge, all customers can buy this 'industry standard authentic' back compare, you can identify the sponge before buy is genuine.

29.9 yuan 150 Toys 10 * 6 * 2CM genuine industry quality standards:
Box Specifications: Length 34 * W 25 * H 21cm;
Product Specifications: 10 * 6 * 2CM (standard size)

110 39.9 yuan genuine boutique wear industry quality standards:
Box Specifications: Length 35 * W 25.5 * H 24cm;
Product Specifications: 10 * 6 * 2.5CM (standard sizes larger than cigarette case)
39.9 yuan 80 to 120 genuine quality mixing device industry:
Box Specifications: Length 38 * W 30.5 * H 21.5cm;.

Specifications generally close to 11 * 7 * 4 10 * 7 * 4 10 * 7 * 3 12 * 6.5 * 3 10 * 6 * 2CM;

In short filled up, installed are relatively large! I believe parents who will be satisfied!

The number is too cheap, the quality is absolute spike other defective.

Tips :

Since the absorption capacity of this product is particularly potent, in order to ensure that items get better care in your home, you may be used with caution in the following cases:
1. oil particularly powerful place (for example: range hoods, long time without cleaning the stove, etc.), due to the heavy oil will close and wiped adsorption, difficult to clean off, so this case is not recommended for use; cleaning agents may be used to the surface oil is removed, and then be wiped wipe dirt deep step.

2. For leather products, leather wipe for use on the most obvious effect, leather and a little time. Due to wipe adsorption capacity is very strong, easy to fade or dyed leather products best inconspicuous place first in the wipe test, the effect can be a large area.

3. For painting over electronic screen (such as computers, television, camera, etc.), for fear that the process will wipe wipe coating to affect television ratings, so try to avoid this kind of wipe the screen.

4. When using electrical products, remember to wipe off wet Brooklyn squeeze any excess water then wipe to avoid electric shock hazard.

Product Features :
1. without any detergent, just water you can easily go to stains!
2. Suitable for a wide range, anywhere in the home, kitchen, bathroom, office and other suitable.
3. strong detergency, general cleaners can not clean the dirt can easily decontamination.
4. Suitable for cleaning uneven surface, any deep dirt, just water, a rub on the net!
5. Easy to use, can be cut into different shapes and sizes of need.

Providing sponge test report (on the map)

- Sponge industry Genuine standard (Sponge industry spotty attention to distinguish)