Detergent Powder \ Washing Powder \ Laundry Powder

Detergent Powder \ Washing Powder \ Laundry Powder

Product description:

Product Details:
Type Detergent
Detergent Type Cleaner
Shape Powder
Feature Disposable, Eco-Friendly
Place of Origin China (Mainland)
Colour: white
Detailed Product Description

Detergent Powder/ Washing Powder/ Laundry Powder for washing clothes. Main Ingredients: Surfactant (LAS.) , STPP, enzyme, fragrance.

Detergent Powder ( Washing Powder, Laundry Powder) with strong cleaning power.

Main Ingredients: Surfactant (LAS, AOS etc) ,STPP, enzyme, fragrance.

Function: Removes everyday dirt and odor, working effectively on grimy cuffs and collars.


-The swelling type and the concentrated type with different bul density

-The high foaming type and the low foaming type

-The non-phosphorus type and the low phosphorus type

-Suitable for both hard and soft water.

-OEM is acceptable if buyer supply us with their detail specifications and order is not less than one 20 container.

Our factory mainly produce detergent powder / washing powder / laundry powder, toilet soap, laundry soap, multipurpose soap, whitening soap, shampoo, dishwashing detergent and other detergents.