Product description:

typical application

Electron beam lithography

Semiconductor Inspection

scanning electron microscope

Electron-Beam Lithography
Semiconductor Inspection
Scanning Electron Microscopes

EGM is a high voltage power supply 威思曼 high stability and low ripple high voltage electron gun power, EGM suspended filament power supply and integrated active bias power, all-digital monitoring and control. Overvoltage, overcurrent, arcing protection.


Beam energy
Output voltage: -50kv-0 adjustable (Other output voltages available upon request).

Output Current: 500μA maximum.

Voltage Regulation: (10 ppm input change 10%

Current regulation: (10 ppm

Stability: (2.0ppm / 48 小时 / 0.5 ° C

Warm-up time: 5 hours complete stability.

Ripple and noise: (2.5ppm.

Filament power
Maximum power: 10W, maximum current 2A, the maximum voltage of 10V
Voltage Regulation: (10 ppm input change 10%

Current regulation: the possibility of a 5% power change (4-7 watts (1 Euro -7 Euro)

Drift: (50ppm / 12 小时 / 0.5 ° C after warm-up

Preheat: (3 hours complete stability

Ripple and noise: (0.1% (operating frequency), (50ppm (10 到 3kHz)
+ 1.00V equal to 10W
Stability: 100ppm
Accuracy: 0.5%

Active bias

Voltage range:

Low: --200-1100 reference filament center tap

High: - No. 200 -2000 filament center tap

Temperature coefficient: (100 ppm / ° C

Emission control: 0 to 500μA


Stability of 100 ppm

0.1% accuracy

Input: AC90-265V 47Hz to 63Hz
Temperature: Temperature: 20 ° C to 25 ° C Storage temperature:. -10 ° C to 70 ° C.
Humidity: 10 to 70% non-condensing.

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