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WSM169 high pressure grease

WSM169 high pressure grease
  • WSM169 high pressure grease
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High voltage insulation grease
Applications: high voltage power supply, X-ray tubes, high voltage cable connectors, high-voltage electrical fittings, electrical connection components.
The main role: to prevent corona release, eliminate arcing, insulation, anti-creepage, lubrication, moisture seal.
Excellent electrical insulation properties and chemical stability, high flash point, low freezing point;
Wide temperature operating range, consistency varies with temperature minima and never cured;
Excellent lubricity and sealing, good compatibility with most plastics and rubber;
Excellent water resistance, resistance to weathering, resistance to weak acid weak base, extremely long service life.
Usage: When using this product directly coated on the surface of the device.
Operating temperature: -50 ~ 200 ℃.
Storage temperature: -40 ~ 85 ℃.
Weight: 100G

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