Product description:

  • Wei Siman XRD series of high voltage power supply is dedicated X-ray tube and high stability modular high voltage power supply, the series modular high voltage power supply is ideal for OEM's. 20-70KV selectable output power 300W, 600W, 1.2KW optional. XRD series with wide input voltage, compact, and has a standard analog and RS-232 digital interface, can be easily integrated into your X-ray system. XRD series Alternatively suspension filament (negative high voltage) or ground filament (positive HV). Based on DSP control system makes excellent ability to regulate XRD and excellent stability.
    typical application:
    Food inspection, plastics sorting, crystal inspection, measuring plating thickness measurement, mineral analysis, X-ray fluorescence, X-ray diffraction, wavelength dispersive spectrometer.
    Input voltage:
    300W: Input voltage AC 90V-264V, 47HZ-63HZ.
    600-1200W: Input voltage AC 180V-264V, 47HZ-63HZ.
    The output voltage:
    20KV, 30KV, 40KV, 50KV, 60KV, 70KV and other
    Voltage output selectable.
    Output polarity:
    Negative high voltage: for suspension filament X-ray tube.
    Positive high voltage: Ground filament X-ray tube.
    3 kinds of output power range: 300W, 600W and 1200W other power requirements can be custom-tailored.
    Voltage Control:
    Internal power supply: Power comes with multi-turn potentiometer output voltage can be set between 0V to the highest voltage.
    External remote control: external 0 to 10V control signals can be output to the highest output voltage from 0V.
    Emission current control:
    Internal power supply: Power comes with multi-turn potentiometer can be set in the 0A electron beam current to the highest current between.
    External remote control: external 0 to 10V control signals can be provided in the 0A electron beam current to the highest current.
    Voltage Regulation:
    Relative load: ≤0.01% (no load to rated load)
    Relative input: ≤0.01% (output voltage)
    Current regulation:
    Relative Load: 0.01% (no load to rated load)
    Relative to the input: ± 0.01% (30% of the input voltage - 100%).
    Ripple voltage:
    ≤1% rms () 20kHz), 0.1% rms (≤20kHz)
    Operating temperature:
    0 to + 40 ℃.
    Storage temperature:
    -40 ℃ to 85 ℃.
    Temperature coefficient:
    ≤ 25ppm per degree Celsius
    20% to 85% RH, non-condensing.
    After 2 hours the boot, ≤ 25ppm / hr
    Filament Configuration:
    By closed-loop control of the filament to provide the necessary output current of the X-ray tube.
    It applies to two types of X-ray tube:
    Suspension filament X-ray tube, the X-ray tube filament ground.
    Filament Output:
    Output current 0-5A adjustable output voltage 0-10V adjustable, to protect the X-ray tube, high voltage output value is less than 30% the maximum filament current high-voltage circuitry disables the output value of the work. Other filament output demand can special order.
    Voltage and current indication:
    0 to 10V, rated output condition accuracy of 1%.
    300W, 600W: long 304mm wide and 152mm high 120mm
    1200W: long 304mm wide and 304mm high 120mm
  • Typical applications: Gauge, food testing, X-ray fluorescence analyzer (wavelength dispersion) X-ray diffraction. Plastic sorting, crystal inspection, plating measurement, inspection diamonds, mineral analysis, industrial X-ray machines, capacitor charging, nuclear instrumentation, non-destructive detection, portable X-ray machines, medical X-ray machines, online elemental analysis, thickness testing, X-ray fluoroscopy, particle size measurement, density measurement, the paper component detection. X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, paper, film, foil thickness measurement, online elemental analysis, X-ray fluoroscopy, particle size measurement, density measurement, the paper component detection, on-line process control, ROHS testing, thickness measurement, a printed circuit board inspection systems, X ray fluorescence analysis, the field of radiography, X-ray imaging, multilayer PCB alignment, particle size measurement, density measurement, process control, X-ray spectroscopy, welding head, wire head detection
    • The corresponding X-ray tube (cathode or anode grounded): Kevex, Oxford, RTW, Superior, Varian, Trufocus and domestic brands.

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