X-ray tube

X-ray tube

Product description:

Wei Siman 5000 series is a very popular and reliable X-ray tube side windows. Currently, used in many industrial applications, the 5000 series of assembly in a stainless steel tube barrel, lined Wei Siman independently developed insulation material , optional mounting flanges. X- ray shielding 0.25mR / hr2 inch inner pipe perfusion Wei Siman independent research
The cooling oil, to maximize heat dissipation.

Light tube high voltage power input jack, power input jack filament light tube filament grounded in positive mode. Standard beryllium window is 0.005 inches

Anode voltage : 4KV-50KV
Anode current : 0-1mA
Maximum power: 50W.
Filament voltage : 2.0V @ 50kV / 1mA
Filament current: 2A
Stability : 0.2% over 4 hours.
Focal spot size : 200um
Anode material : W, Mo, Rh, others available
Window material : Be: 125 μm (75, 250 opt)
cooling method : Make sure air is greater than 180CFM
Maximum leak : 0.25mR / hr at 2 inches

Exit angle: 25 degrees.

Terms and Conditions:
1. Aging: New or X-ray tube is not used for long before use proper aging, which is to improve the stability and prolong life is very necessary.
Aging Method: Power tube voltage 20KV, tube current 0.2-0.5mA, work 10 minutes, holding the tube current constant, after each increase 10KV, each time for 10 minutes, until the aging to working voltage.
2. Strengthening ray protection: Although protective measures applied within the tube, but the ball still has traces of both end-ray leakage, it is recommended to further strengthen the protection ray tube.
3. Note Cooling: To ray tube continuous and stable work, good heat dissipation is particularly necessary, air is essential to ensure the air volume in 180CFM, to ensure that the case temperature below 55 degrees Celsius.
4. Use of the environment: 10-30 degrees Celsius, relative humidity less than 80%.
5. custody and storage: X-ray tube depository should clean and dry, non-corrosive gas should be protected beryllium sheet, non-touch beryllium window X-ray tube glass, handle with care...

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