Product description:

typical application

scanning electron microscope

Scanning Electron Microscope

EBM main power supply to the scanning electron microscope provides: acceleration power, bias power supply, filament power supply Wei Siman high voltage power supply to provide power EBM size, packaging, cost, performance and other aspects have a significant advantage of the accelerating voltage ultra-high stability. low noise, low ripple, in 200UuA the current, voltage programmable from 0-30KV output bias supply, filament power supply was suspended on the accelerating power. Power has arc, overvoltage, short circuit, over-current protection.

High voltage output:

Acceleration Power:
Voltage: 0V to -30kV ground
Current: Maximum 170μA, from -300V to -30kV
Accuracy: ± 2% or ± 15V
Load regulation: (± 100ppm
Line Regulation: (± 100ppm
Ripple: (15ppm pp in -30kV, 170μA, the bias voltage, filament voltage output maximum
Temperature characteristics: (100ppm / ° C
Stability: 8ppm / 3 分钟 load current 150μA, 1 hours later

Paranoid voltage:

Voltage: 0V to -3kV to accelerate
Current: Maximum 150μA, from -300V to -2kV
Accuracy: ± 5% of full scale
Load regulation: (± 100ppm
Line Regulation: (± 0.1% ± 10% input change
Ripple: (150mVp-p at 30kV, 150μA, the maximum offset voltage, filament voltage output
Temperature characteristics: (100ppm / ° C
Stability: 6V / 10 分钟

Filament Power:

Power: 0-15W
Load resistance: 1 ohm ± 5%
Accuracy: ± 3% of full scale
Load regulation: (2% when the load resistance change 10%
Line regulation: (1 percent change ± 10% input
Ripple: (0.1% of the maximum peak to peak
Temperature coefficient: (300ppm / ° C
Stability: 100ppm / 10 分钟

Temperature: Temperature: 0-45 ° C Storage temperature: -20 ° C to 75 ° C
Humidity: 0-85%, non-condensing
Each voltage all with digital control, display
Cable: Recommended Use: CA75C4 (cable not provided)

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