Product description:

Typical application

The scanning electron microscope

Scanning Electron Microscope

EBM power mainly for scanning electron microscope provided: Acceleration power, bias and filament power supply. Weisiman EBM of high voltage power supply power supply dimensions, packaging, cost, performance, there is a significant advantage. Accelerating voltage with very high stability, low noise, low ripple, 200UuA current, the output voltage programmable from 0-30KV. Bias and filament power supply suspension in accelerating on the power supply. Power arcing, overvoltage, short circuit, over current protection.

High voltage output:

Accelerated power supply:
Voltage: 0V to -30kV
Current: Max 170 μA, from -300V to -30kV
Accuracy: ± 2% ± 15V
Load regulation: (± 100ppm
Linear regulation: (± 100ppm
Ripple: (15ppm p-p -30kV, 170 μA, the bias voltage, the filament voltage output
Temperature: (100ppm/° c
Stability: 8ppm/3 min load current 150 μA, after 1 hour

Paranoid voltage:

Voltage: 0V to -3kV accelerate
Current: Max 150 μA, from -300V to -2kV
Accuracy: full scale ± 5%
Load regulation: (± 100ppm
Linear regulation: (10% ± 0.1% ± input change
Ripple: (150mVp-p at 30kV, 150 μA maximum bias voltage, the filament voltage output
Temperature: (100ppm/° c
Stability: 6V/10 minutes

Filament power supply:

Power: 0-15W
Load resistance: 1 ohm ± 5%
Accuracy: full scale ± 3%
Load regulation: (2% when the load resistance change 10%
Linear adjustment rate (1% input variation ± 10%
Ripple: (0.1% max peak to peak
Temperature coefficient: (300ppm/° c
Stability: 100ppm/10 minutes

Temperature: operation temperature: 0-45 ° c storage temperature:-20 ° c to 75 ° c
Climate: 0-85%, no condensation
All voltages using digital control, display
Cables: recommended use: CA75C4 (does not provide cable)

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