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EDELITA unleaded crystal wine glass set high - pin wine cups decanter cup holder

EDELITA unleaded crystal wine glass set high - pin wine cups decanter cup holder
Product code: 20983100030
Unit price 3.83-25.49$
Sold quantity 223290
Available stock 35741

Product parameters:

  • Brand: EDELITA
  • Cup Type: Wine Cup
  • Item No .: S80RL25 / 6
  • Color classification: 350ML tulip / 6 350ML tulip / 6 oblique awakening 350ML tulip / 6 harp refreshing device 350ML tulip / 6 gem cup holder 350ML tulip / 6 oblique wakeers gem cup holder 350ML tulip / 6 harp awakening gem cup holder 450ML Bunker / 6 450ML Bunker / 6 Skewer Drinker 450ML Bunker / 6 Harp Reverberator 450ML Burgers / 6 Gem Cup 350ML Bordeaux / 6 350ML Bordeaux / 6 Skewer 350ML Bordeaux / 6 $ 400ML Tulip / 6 460ML Tulip / 6 60ml Tulip / 6 Porcelain Cloak 460ML Tulip / 6 Porcelain Cup Rack 550ML Bordeaux / 6 350ML Victoria / 6 450ML Victoria / 6 350ML Tulip / 2
  • Capacity: 201mL (inclusive) -300mL (inclusive)
  • Material: Crystal glass
  • Number of: 6 (inclusive) -10 (including)
  • Main map Source: Autonomous real shot

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