Quality choice | EDELITA lead-free crystal wine glasses suit tall wine glass decanters cup holder lettering

Quality choice | EDELITA lead-free crystal wine glasses suit tall wine glass decanters cup holder lettering

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: EDELITA
  • Cup Type: wine glasses
  • Num: S80RL25 / 6
  • Color Classification: 350ML / 6 upgrade decanters 250ML / 6 upgrade decanters 460ML / 6 upgrade decanters 350ML / 6 golden cup holder 350ML / 6 bronze cup holder 350ML / 2, paragraph two cup holders 350ML / 6 Gem cup holder 250ML / 6 350ML / 6 460ML / 6 350ML / 6 U type decanters gem cup holders 350ML / 6 upgrade decanters gem cup holders 350ML / 6 upgrade decanters bronze cup holders 350ML / 6 Ssangyong cup holder 350ML / 6 U type decanter 250ML / 6 U type decanters 460ML / 6 U type decanters 250ML Bordeaux / 6 350ML Bordeaux / 6 430ML Bordeaux / 6 550ML Bordeaux / 6 350ML Bordeaux 7 sets / gift 430ML Bordeaux 7 sets / gift
  • Capacity: 201mL (including) -300mL (inclusive)
  • Material: crystal glass
  • Number: 6 (inclusive) -10 (inclusive)
  • Main map Source: Independent real shot chart

Special note: How to tell if lead-free crystal material red wine cup cold cut Process (cold cut), no drops mouth, curling, transparent, impact sound long.

Household, cafes, restaurants, high-end clubs, luxury hotels, it is recommended to use crystal, some low-end hotels can purchase ordinary glass

Crystal wine glasses from a few dollars to several hundred dollars a have they sold lead-free crystal wine glasses are high-quality red wine, quality, cost is very high

Bordeaux is a classic cup cup tulip cup is the cup for tasting

Bordeaux cup with decanters are also classic models

Tulip wine glass designed for the higher cost of the tasting with decanters also upgrade section or U-shaped section

Practical gifts sent right now

Premiums: 2 cup brush send money to send packages to other practical wine gifts

Opener: X1 multifunction openerOpening wine, beer, small and versatile, essential wine

Vacuum stopper: Vacuum wine stopper X1For opening wine bottles after insurance, wine necessary

Multi-purpose brush cup: Cup brush X1Suite with decanters send is both universal brush brush brush cup decanters can also be without the hangover Kit Get sponge brush cup brush very good

These three wines Essential wine accessories If purchased separately need to spend a lot, and now free to take this product to you only need to accompanied by a bottle of your favorite wine to open and carefree tasting journey

The figure is different suits Premiums Premiums picture is slightly different to prevail details Photos

350ML Bordeaux 7 sets / send gift


350ML Bordeaux 7 sets / send gift

Limited to 1000 sets while supplies last

These two options to send the following three boxes and wine

Other options do not send gift sets