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Inventory supply Ricoeur FT-106B superhard material bulk density tester Hebei tap densitometer stock

Inventory supply Ricoeur FT-106B superhard material bulk density tester Hebei tap densitometer stock
  • Inventory supply Ricoeur FT-106B superhard material bulk density tester Hebei tap densitometer stock
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Brand: Ricoeur Model: FT-106B superhard material bulk density tester
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FT-106B Superhard material bulk density tester

Based on industry standards JB / T3584-1999 (( Superhard abrasive bulk density measurement method ) ) ,

JB / T 3584-1999 This standard is JB 3584-84 (Superabrasive stack operation method of density determination) is revised. This standard is not equivalent to the American National Standards ANSI B74.17-1976 (Diamond abrasive bulk density test method). For calculation of the volume of the measuring cylinder by the 8mL To 10mL , Size 'English' to 'metric', other technical content has not changed. This standard specifies the super abrasive bulk density measuring instruments and methods of measurement. This standard applies to particle size 16/20~325/400 Synthetic diamond and cubic boron nitride bulk density determination.

Suitable for detecting superabrasive 16/20-325/400 Bulk density of abrasive grains, while meeting other similar bulk density particulate material is detected

First, the technical parameters:

1. Cylinder: 10 ± 0.2 ; Accuracy: 0.015g ; 2. Dimensions: 160mm * 160mm * 195mm

Bulk density, bulk density means the abrasive grains in the case of natural accumulation, the abrasive grains contained in the air quality, the unit volume per unit g / cm3 Methods Summary of super abrasive bulk density measurement method is to eliminate static electricity dried grains, in the absence of vibration of the case, the outflow funnel, filled by a fixed height 10 mL Volume of the cylinder, and scrape off excess material with brass blade, quality measurement unit volume.

Second, the test requires experiments should be conducted under the following atmospheric conditions:

1. Relative humidity: 45%~55% ;

2. temperature: 20~24 ℃.

3. Sample Preparation: will meet GB / T 6406 The material to be tested by JB / T 3914 Prescribed method of sampling, shrink assigned 25 g ± 0.1 g Charged about 30 mL Nickel crucible in 110 ℃± 5 ℃ in drying oven 1 h Removed, placed in the dryer to cool at least 4 h To adapt the laboratory atmosphere and eliminate static electricity.

4. Prepare a strong anti-vibration table, table to level and covered 5 mm Thick rubber plate or soft plastic plate.

Third, the instrument consists of the following main components:

Funnel Material: Brass; top funnel diameter: 57.1 mm ± 0.01 mm ; Cone height: 41.3 mm

Export taper angle: 63 °± 10 '; Funnel neck diameter: 6.4 mm ± 0.03 mm ; Funnel neck length: 6.4 mm ± 0.03 mm

Fourth, the funnel locking device

With a diameter of 19 mm The rubber ball, with two spring fixing at the outlet at the lower end of the funnel neck, does not allow the particles leave out.

1. Funnel neck to the lower end of the mouth of the distance measuring cylinder 61.9 mm ± 0.1mm .

Fifth, the measuring cylinder

Material: Brass

the inside diameter of: 19.3 mm ± 0.01 mm

Internal Depth: 34.2 mm ± 0.02 mm

Capacity: about 10 mL

Six scraper: Face scraper edges should be smooth, its flatness in every millimeter length should be less than 0.1 mm

Seven, tolerance: 16/20~325/400 The sample size, the bulk density value of three determinations should not exceed the allowable deviation 0.015 g / cm3 .