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Granules angle of repose, drug liquidity test, angle of repose

Granules angle of repose, drug liquidity test, angle of repose
  • Granules angle of repose, drug liquidity test, angle of repose
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Repeatability error: 1 Samples can be measured state: Granules angle of repose, drug liquidity test, angle of repose
Custom processing: Measuring range: granules of repose, granules flowability tester, capsule particles angle of repose
Type: Density Tester Scope: granules of repose, drug liquidity test, angle of repose
Dimensions: 1 (mm) Repeatability error:
Samples can be measured state: Custom processing:
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FT-104B angle of repose tester

FT-104B repose angle measurement based on GB11986-89 (measured surfactant powder and granules angle of repose) provides design requirements while meeting the ISO4324-1977; powders and granules measuring the angle of repose, also applies to the USP (United States Pharmacopeia ), BP (British Pharmacopoeia) and EP (European Pharmacopoeia) Specification requirements for reference standards: DIN ISO 4324 - December 1983

In the pharmaceutical industry, the angle of repose of particles refers angle conical heap loose bulk material sandwiched ramps and horizontal reflecting particle size of the particles friction or degree of liquidity. For the same material, the smaller the particle size The larger the angle of repose, which is due to the large mutual adhesion it; generally closer to spherical particles, the smaller the angle of repose in the formulation process, the intermediate is not good flowability, tablet weight difference tablets , capsules, and granules amount of difference and so it is difficult to meet the requirements, so the process to aid in the study of the screening process flow, etc., should be based on the angle of repose, the amount of difference as an indicator of drug screening (tablet , granules) study process, we need to study the angle of repose of the particles to study mobility particles, are generally about 30 ° angle of repose for the best

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FT-104B angle of repose tester Widely used in powder detect pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, washing, research institutions, quality inspection agency, etc. related to the powder and the particulate material; powder storage can provide changes in the nature of the case, particularly in storage silos and the like.

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FT-104B angle of repose tester The instrument is suitable for routine determination of no clumps of powdered or granular detergent surfactants and angle of repose, they can also be used for other measuring the angle of repose of a similar nature powder and granules. Material flow under specified conditions to obtain The cone base angle called the angle of repose
Disc: diameter 10MM
Funnel: diameter 155mm inner diameter of 145mm

1, in line with co-GB-T11986-98 surfactant powders and granules measuring the angle of repose technical specifications ..
2, the product to meet the easy maintenance, safe, reliable, economical and practical aesthetic requirements.
3, equipment installation, commissioning and use
4, confirm the ready placement of the instrument bench horizontal.
5, according to GB-T11986-98 surfactant powders and granules measuring the angle of repose in the assembly diagram and technical specifications, for installation of the instrument.
Installation equipment .

1, the instrument holder on top of the guide bar is divided into four adjustable sleeve activity, starting from the top followed by a stirring device activity sleeve, glass funnel taper of 60 degrees at a fixed sleeve, Activities 10mm spout sleeve, and scale activities sleeve.

2, the mixing device, loosen and remove the movable sleeve, the glass funnel taper by 60 degrees at a fixed and, at the discharge port through the discharge port at a fixed 10mm and visual regulate, so that is perpendicular to the base.

3, the inner diameter of 100mm, 25mm height of the container is placed in the center of the scale with reference to the shop floor.

4, adjust the height values ​​glass funnel spout and bottom of 100mm.

5, the static mixing apparatus according to above with glass funnel, was visually adjusting the appropriate height, and can be fixed.

6, according to the standard required to complete the test

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