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Supply Ningbo Hall flow meter, flow meter Hall Shanghai, Tianjin Hall flow meter, flow meter Qingdao Hall

Supply Ningbo Hall flow meter, flow meter Hall Shanghai, Tianjin Hall flow meter, flow meter Qingdao Hall
  • Supply Ningbo Hall flow meter, flow meter Hall Shanghai, Tianjin Hall flow meter, flow meter Qingdao Hall
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Brand: Ricoeur Albert Instrument
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FT-102B Automatic powder flowability tester
I. Overview FT-102B automatic powder flowability tester is through advanced control technology, testing powder flow control system automatically time to reduce blockage caused by traditional manual way to test error and stopwatch timing error, so that test results closer The actual value of the product itself, to achieve more accurate test results on the powder trait analysis and product quality control, the ratio has a very good improvement, thereby reducing production costs.
Second, the product is widely used in the production, quality inspection by, research institutes and universities laboratories for materials analysis and measurement use.
Third, the instrument to meet the GB 1482-2010-T metal powder flowability measurement standard funnel (Hall flow meter) Instead of GB1479-84, GB1482-84 standard specification production with the design, production and its detection methods and results and international on a common detection method has versatility. This product is also suitable for measuring powder flowability and similar powder bulk density suitable for the determination of metal powder flowability using a standard funnel method. Where can freely flow through the aperture of 2.5mm standard funnel powder, can use this device.
Fourth, the technical parameters
1. funnel (export 2.5mm and 5.0mm each)
Funnel made of stainless steel or brass material, and has a sufficient thickness and hardness to prevent deformation and excessive wear.
2. bracket, bracket base and a graduated cylinder for receiving the fixed funnel. Base for mounting bracket and receiving cylinder, adjust the level, stable and vibration free. Stand height adjustment and fixed with the supplied wrench, funnel attached to the bracket. Reception cylinder (stainless steel plate) is placed on the base, to collect the powder.
3 balance (user-owned) the largest weighing 100g; precision 0.05g.
4. This device is equipped with a cup volume of 25ml stainless steel measuring cup. Users can complete the determination of metal powder bulk density (Funnel method) reference to the provisions of the national standard GB 1479-84.
5. The instrument consists of a control box electrical parts and test parts, automatically open the discharge port timing. After the sample outflow stop the clock.
6. This instrument can choose to configure the printer and software systems. Testing finished, automatically print out the test results
Ricoeur (Albert) Instrument Production tips, as well as associated products FT-102A vibration funnel bulk density tester, FT-100A tap density tester; FT-101 Scott capacity meter bulk density tester, FT -102 Hall flow meter / Bulk Density Tester - stainless steel; FL4-1 Hall flow meter / powder flowability tester - brass