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Supply of natural accumulation Ricoeur FT-103 bulk density meter, bulk density meter, bulk density measurement

Supply of natural accumulation Ricoeur FT-103 bulk density meter, bulk density meter, bulk density measurement
  • Supply of natural accumulation Ricoeur FT-103 bulk density meter, bulk density meter, bulk density measurement
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Brand: Ricoeur Model: FT-103
Detailed description:
Custom processing: Measuring range: FT-103 bulk density meter natural accumulation
Type: Desktop density meter Division value: 1
Accuracy: 1 Purpose: FT-103 bulk density meter natural accumulation
Variety: 1 Power: 1 (V / HZ)
Display: 11 Custom processing:
Measuring range: Types of:
Dividing the value of: Accuracy:
use: Variety:
power supply: display method:

FT-103 Type natural deposition method bulk density meter is Ricoeur Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. Ningbo Haishu based on national standards GB / T 16913.3-1997 The provisions of the design and production. This device is suitable for determining the density of dust accumulation.

Please refer to the sample collection GB / T 16913.1-1997 Dust Physics Experiment Method 1 Section: Dust samples collected in the relevant regulations.

1, the principle

Dust from the funnel mouth full of free fall at a certain height cylinder; mass per unit volume of dust inside the cylinder measured bulk state, that dust bulk density.

2, the instrument structure

2.1 funnel ( Flow outlet diameter 12.7mm)

Funnel made of stainless steel, which funnel taper 60 °± 0.5 °.

2.2 Jamming bars

Stainless steel, used to prevent dust falling when the dust loading funnel.

2.3 Balance (user-supplied)

Maximum weighing 100g ; Accuracy 0.02g .

2.4 Graduate

The device is equipped with a volume of 100ml The stainless steel cylinder, the cylinder inner diameter of Φ 39mm .

2.5 Scraper

Stainless steel, used to remove excess dust when the dust loading funnel.

3, the test Buju

3.1 Dust sampling experiments should be consistent GB / T 16913.1-1997 The provisions of Registration dust sampling conditions.

3.2 Dust samples in 105 ℃ dried 4 Hours after placing indoor natural cooling through 80 Mesh sieve to debris, ready determination.

Note: For less 105 Chemical reaction occurs when ℃ or melting, sublimation of dust, the drying temperature should be reduced accordingly.

3.3 The measuring device to adjust the level.

3.4 Stick stuffed with jam funnel spout. Measure 120ml The sample is poured into the funnel.

3.5 Pull out the stopper so that dust naturally fall to the lower cylinder in until after all the dust out of the funnel with a scraper to scrape the dust accumulated in the upper part of the cylinder.

3.6 The cylinder is equipped with dust sample was weighed on the balance weight.

3.7 Dust above procedure was repeated three times the bulk density is calculated according to the formula:

Where: ρ0 - Dust bulk density. g / cm3 ;

m1 , m2 , m3 - Measuring the quality of secondary dust were weighed. g ;

V - Cylinder volume. 100ml ;

continuous 3 Quality dust determinations resulting difference between maximum and minimum values ​​should be less than 1g Otherwise, for the first 4 (Article 5 First 6 ) Determinations, until the difference between the maximum value and the minimum value is less than 1g , Take to meet the requirements of 3 Measurements average as measurement results.

4, the test results

Please fill in the test report: The test report shall include the following:

a. Necessary to explain the identification of the sample;

b. Date, measuring personnel, measurement methods, measurement report;

c. Report indoor weather conditions and determination of bulk density of dust