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Cheap supply Ricoeur instrument FZS4-4 tap density tester, tap density gauge

Cheap supply Ricoeur instrument FZS4-4 tap density tester, tap density gauge
  • Cheap supply Ricoeur instrument FZS4-4 tap density tester, tap density gauge
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Brand: Ricoeur Instrument Model: FZS4-4
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The company FZS4-4 Cheap tap density tester (Original FZ, quality assurance, welcome to consult the discussion.

FZS4-4 Economical tap density tester Production requirements of the instrumentation system according to international standard ISO3953 requirements of production, GB T 5162-2006 (determination of metal powder tap density) / satisfied, and with reference to the United States Pharmacopoeia independent research and manufacture of the powder density test instruments for measuring vibration powder real density consistent with USP (United States Pharmacopoeia), BP (British Pharmacopoeia) and EP (European Pharmacopoeia) Specification requirements, the powder through the tap, its density increases the percentage is a comprehensive reflection of the powder variety of performance. The instrument is by using a rotating eccentric slide up and down to make directional slider, percussion drill seat, the inner cylinder powder gradually tap means, mainly used for the determination of various shapes powder tap density, non-metallic powder can also be learn to use.

FZS4-4 Economical tap density tester Technical Parameters

Vibration stroke tap apparatus 3 ± 0.1mm

Vibration frequency 250 ± 15 beats per minute

Glass cylinder volume is 100 ± 1.0ml, graduated some high 175 ± 10mm. Glass cylinder volume of 25 ± 0.5ml scale section of a high 135 ± 7mm. 100ml graduated cylinder volume between the smallest scale is 1ml, measurement accuracy of ± 0.5cm ; cylinder between 25cm minimum scale volume of 0.2cm, measurement accuracy of ± 0.1cm

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