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Supply FT-103A active white soil bulk density Tester, active white soil, bulk density meter

Supply FT-103A active white soil bulk density Tester, active white soil, bulk density meter
  • Supply FT-103A active white soil bulk density Tester, active white soil, bulk density meter
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Brand: Rui Ke model: FT-103A
Detailed description:
Customized processing: Yes Measuring range: FT-103A
Type: desktop density meter Index value: 1
Accuracy: 1 Usage: FT-103A active white soil bulk density Tester, active white soil, bulk density meter
Variety: vibration Power supply: 1 (V/HZ)
Display mode: 1 Customized processing:
Measuring range: Type:
Index value: Accuracy:
Uses: Variety:
Power supply: Display mode:

FT-103A active white soil bulk density measuring device operating instructions

FT-103A active white soil bulk density measuring device based on the national standard GB/t 25571-2010-food national safety standards, food additive provisions of activated white clay design, production. This device is suitable for determination of bulk density of food additive of activated white clay. Also suitable for checking the packing density of other materials. Its testing methods and results and common international test methods with full commonality.

1. working principle

The sample to be tested shall be loaded into the funnel, along the bottom of the funnel in a natural fall and flow into the measuring cylinder, scraping into the measuring cylinder specimens, weigh in the balance after leveling measuring tube in the sample mass, divided by the volume of the measuring tube, can determine bulk density product to be tested.

2. Main technical parameters

2.1. Outlet diameter funnel flow 30mm; Funnel height is: 135mm.

2.2. Cylinder diameter: 80mm Volume: 500ml

2.3. Hopper made of stainless steel material.

3. install

3.1. the device should be installed on a stable work surface.

3.2. adjust the three horizontal adjustment screw on the chassis, the chassis is level.

3.3. adjusting the height adjusting screws, funnel end and measure the distance tube upper end to keep within the prescribed range.

3.4. adjustment changing the direction of funnels, funnel the center line coincides with the centerline of the measuring tube.

3.5. after the installation is complete to avoid severe vibration.

4. calibration of the measuring tube

4.1. weighing the dry measuring cylinder and a flat piece of glass (scraper) the total mass.

4.2. distilled water to fill the measuring cylinder, scraper and carefully scrape off the top of the measuring tube distilled water scraper close to the top of the measuring tube. When the glass panels in place, wipe excess water, said its total mass.

4.3. measurement cylinder volume calculated according to the following formula:

V = M 0/ PH2O

In the formula: v-measuring cylinder volume, unit: cm3;

M0 -Water quality unit: g;

PH2O-The density of water at a certain temperature range, unit: g/cm3.

4.4. measuring cylinder when the factory calibration of the volume has been

4.5. measuring tube volume should not exceed one year calibration cycle.

5. measuring method

5.1. sample preparation: place the test sample in an oven at 1100C temperature drying for 1 hour before measuring to cool to room temperature.

5.2. using a beaker filled with test samples 250mL. Close the hopper discharge and will measure the cylinder at the Centre of its exports. The sample into the funnel, and freely falling open hopper discharge valve to make Abrasives until all finished, this process should be to avoid vibration.

5.3. foot scrape off excess sample on the measuring cylinder, scraper, a ruler and measuring barrel upper plane approximately 450Angle, vertical scraped each other four times. This process should be to prevent compaction measuring the sample in the tube, avoiding vibration. Then weigh the quality of samples measure the barrel.

5.4. bulk density calculated according to the following formula:


In the formula: p ap -The packing density of the sample under test, unit: g/cm3;

m1-Quality of the sample in the measuring cylinder, unit: g;

V-measurement of cylinder volume, unit: cm3.

5.5. measurement of a specimen should be repeated three times, taking the arithmetic average of the three measurements as the packing density value was measured.

5.6. the same operator using the same apparatus measured results, the error shall not exceed ± 0.02g/cm3.


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