Domestic manufacturers analyzer angle of repose angle of repose wholesale and retail, angle of repose tester

Domestic manufacturers analyzer angle of repose angle of repose wholesale and retail, angle of repose tester

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Accuracy: 1 Resolution: 1
Uses: Domestic repose angle measurement instrument manufacturers Power supply voltage: 11
Custom processing: Measuring range: 1
measurement accuracy: Resolution:
use: voltage:
Custom processing: Measuring range:

FT-104B angle of repose tester / no lumps powder repose angle measuring instrument / angle of repose of granular surfactant / detergent angle of repose tester / surfactant repose angle / angle of repose tester powder / particle analyzer angle of repose / GB11986 angle of repose tester

FT-104B angle of repose tester

FT-104B repose angle measurement is based on GB11986-89 (measured surfactant powder and granules angle of repose) provides design requirements while meeting the ISO4324-1977; powders and granules measuring the angle of repose, the powder can provide storage properties The changes, especially in the case of storage in silos, etc. The instrument is suitable for routine determination of angle of repose no clumps of powdered or granular surfactant and detergent can also be used for other powders and particles with similar properties angle of repose measurements of material flow under specified conditions to obtain base angle is called a cone angle of repose
Disc: diameter 10MM
Funnel: diameter 155mm inner diameter of 145mm

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Instrument Co., Ltd. Ningbo Haishu Ricoeur

(Referred to as 'Ricoeur instrument' English: Ningbo Rlco instrument Co., LTD)

Began in 1999, the Department of Ricoeur instrument enterprise systems; Ricoeur instrument enterprise system is mainly engaged in precision testing equipment and advanced detection equipment research and development, production and sales for the integration of the Industrial Company to set up manufacturing facilities in Dongguan, Guangdong Huang Town, the company's. There 'Xinke instrument' 'Ricoeur instrument' II big trademark, the products meet the requirements of international standards of IEC, CCC, UL, CSA, VDE, JIS, KS, SEV, BSI, HD, KEMA, SSA and the like.

Companies' quality-oriented 'service first' operating principles. Meet the needs of our customers. Companies in the 'science and technology, creativity, innovation, progressive' entrepreneurial spirit, the introduction of advanced production equipment and manufacturing process, through continuous technology to improve and perfect the management, strive to provide customers the best quality products and service!

The company's products have the following eight series: Precision wire (Harness) Tester, harness (wire) conduction tester series; wire and cable tester with a full set of test equipment series; a full-power wire tester and test equipment series; ; mechanical equipment and test equipment series; safety equipment series; retardant material testing equipment series; direct reading of solid / liquid density meter series; powder powder testing instrument series.

Product is suitable for wire harness processing industry, wire and cable, household appliances, plastics, rubber, powder powder, metal, shoes, and other downstream manufacturing and related industries to provide the most professional testing instruments and testing equipment for manufacturing companies to provide the most complete product testing solutions and technical advice.

Since its inception, after years of development, adhere to the interdisciplinary, cross-industry diversification, product technology high-end line of business, and always pay attention to the introduction and training of personnel, we are committed to domestic and international market development and improve technological innovation and service quality, with many loyal customers to maintain good relations in various industries, product quality and widely acclaimed. Xinke instrument '' Ricoeur instrument 'will work with our customers to a total of the progress of development. Ricoeur instrument enterprise systems affiliated with Ningbo Haishu United Xin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Ningbo Haishu Ricoeur instruments and other related businesses.