Cars line drop test | Tianjin voltage drop tester | tester pin drop

Cars line drop test | Tianjin voltage drop tester | tester pin drop

Product description:

Detailed description:
Voltage measurement error: 3 words Input voltage: 220 (V)
Output voltage: 1 (V) Ambient temperature: 11 (℃)
Custom processing: Measuring range: 200m (V)
Type: Digital voltage measuring instruments Weight: 11 (g)
Specifications: 111 Dimensions: 11 (mm)
Voltage measurement error: Input voltage:
The output voltage: Ambient temperature:
Custom processing: Measuring range:
Types of: weight:
specification: Dimensions:

Voltage drop tester LX-8830

Scope: The instrument is suitable for measuring non-reclosing similar wiring connector plug plug plug and lead, etc.

Voltage drop port , In order to determine the merits of wiring ports , You can also check the plug wire bending test times specified in the completion of the standard

After disconnection number. The instrument has an adjustable high current output , Micro-voltage test , Digital display.

The main parameters:

1 ) Input voltage : AC220V + 10%, 50Hz 2 ) Working current : 0~40A Adjustable

3 ) Voltage drop range : 0 ~ 200mV 4 ) Voltmeter accuracy : ± 1%+3 Characters

5 ) Ammeter Accuracy : ± 1%+3 Characters 5 ) The output voltage: AC12V ( Claim DC12V Can be customized)

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