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Rui Ke FT-103B dust of angle of repose, supply meter, rest angle measuring device

Rui Ke FT-103B dust of angle of repose, supply meter, rest angle measuring device
  • Rui Ke FT-103B dust of angle of repose, supply meter, rest angle measuring device
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Brand: Rui Ke model: FT-103B
Detailed description:
Customized processing: Yes Measuring range: FT-103B rest angle measuring instrument of dust, rest angle meter (into the underside of the qualified method
Type: desktop density meter Index value: 1
Accuracy: 1 Usage: FT-103B rest angle measuring instrument of dust, rest angle meter (into the underside of the qualified method
Type: digital Power supply: 1 (V/HZ)
Display mode: 1 Customized processing:
Measuring range: Type:
Index value: Accuracy:
Uses: Variety:
Power supply: Display mode:

Angle of repose of FT-103B dust Analyzer user manual
First, the scope of
The product for the production, management, laboratory determination of physical properties of the dusts.
This instrument applies to the angle of repose of the dust test.
Second, the applicable standard requirements:

GB/T16913-2008 for Dust of angle of repose Determination of performance

Three Technical requirements

One standard: GBT rest angle measuring instrument for physical testing methods for dust 16913-2008 dust (into the underside of the qualified law)

The second principle:

Sufficient overflow tray on the dust from the hopper into the horizontal tray; Measuring dust accumulation slope and the water level between acute angle at the bottom, the dust of angle of repose.

Third, the test requirements and procedures: determination of dust into the underside of the qualified law of angle of repose of the device should be placed horizontally on the test benches; Stopper plug funnel flow export. Attach the dust into the graduated cylinder, with a blade to scrape and pour into hopper. Taking the stopper so that dust from the funnel opening out; For illiquid dust could stir dust with a needle on a continuous living on the tray. All outflow of dust, dust on a rotating Protractor disk cones bus between acute angle with a horizontal plane, the angle of repose, and records should be measured in 3 times in a row ~5 times, calculate the arithmetic mean of a and standard deviation a

Four technical parameters:

1, funnel cone 60 ° ± 0.5 °;

2, outflow diameter 5mm, funnel and the bottom tray on a plumb Center;

3, stream end of export 80mm2 mm distance along the side, the Protractor 7.5cm~10 cm;

4, disk diameter 80 mm, volume 100 ml graduated cylinder;

5, straight blade dust samples, needle;

Four General properties
1, in line with the rational method for the determination of technical specifications for GB/T16913-2008 dust ...
2, products meet the maintenance-friendly, safe and reliable, economical and reasonable demand and practical beauty.
3, equipment installation, debugging and method of use
4, make sure ready to place the instrument bench is level.
5, according to the GB/T16913-2008 method for determination of physical properties of dust in the assembly drawings and technical specifications, equipment installation.
Five sample detail

Six: using the method
1 , Horizontal well tester.

2 Would have been dealing with specimens before using this meter comes standard with 100ml Measuring cups together.

3 , Use the block stick, or other tool through the funnel 6mm Leak

4 , Into the sample, get jammed rods or other tool

5 Powder diameter of straight to 80mm On top of the platform, forming a cone.

6 , Using a protractor to measure the specific angle of tapered

VII: inspection reports:

Guarantee of quality


Guarantee period: year month day to year month day




Angle of repose of powder Tester


This warranty card guarantee one year guarantee period, as a result of the poor quality or manufacturing fault, preferential treatment for free repairs.

(A) the load sensors, displacement, solenoid switch, Wai cannot guarantee period.

(B) harvest this material in case of the following circumstances.

① malfunction or damage caused by improper use.

② fault is formed by assembling his brand of damage.

③ the company staff repairs, disassembly and Assembly lead to failure.

(C) the following conditions without guarantee.

① because of natural disaster or other force majeure, accident, as a result of the failure or damage.

II because of errors or modifications to machine damage.

③ After installation of moving or transporting the fault.

(D) as bonds lost warranty to guarantee one year from the date of the product.