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Marriage Weddings Wedding Set Heart - shaped Birthday Balloon Wedding Room Layout Decorative Hydrogenated Balloon

Marriage Weddings Wedding Set Heart - shaped Birthday Balloon Wedding Room Layout Decorative Hydrogenated Balloon
Product code: 20952700030
Unit price 2.76$
Sold quantity 181334
Available stock 9803

Product parameters:

  • Packing volume: 25cm
  • Brand: a world margin
  • Model: Yixueyuan
  • Gross weight: about 300 grams
  • Balloon & Accessory Type: Latex Balloon
  • Color, classification: 100 red, purple, white mixed with 100 powder, purple, white mix 100 powder, red, white mix and match 100 powder, purple mix and match 100 powder, white balloon mix 100 100 white 100 red, purple mix and match 100 Only 4 color red powder purple white mix and match 100 white, purple mix 100 pink 100 pink, pink mix and match 100 purple 100 100 red 100 red, pink, purple mix 100 mix 100 red, white balloon mix and match
  • Shape: heart-shaped
  • Specific specifications: 10 inches
  • Pattern: Light version
  • Balloon color: standard color
  • Item No .: 088

'Description' This package is for the pro to do the top stickers or holiday decoration design Oh!

Balloon blowing knot, Tie the ribbon, stick with the stick on the roof can be!

In the room to create a warm, romantic atmosphere! Memorial Day, celebration, new people Marriage room decoration! Wedding room decoration recommended to buy 2-3 sets.

Pro: the balloon you want to blow big, heart-shaped out, and many customers reflect the heart can not blow, please pro who must blow big, blowing, the hand can be knotted directly, so that heart Shape is more obvious Oh! Please pro who buy, you can also consult the customer service Oh!

'name':large Light plate thickening
'specification':After blowing about 25cm or so
'Colour': Pink, purple, red, mixed white
'weight': 2G -2.2 g heart balloon

'Notes ': Before the balloon inflated before pulling the balloon at both ends, so that the expansion of the balloon elasticity. And then inflated. According to this method the balloon will not burst.

Blowing 20-25CM after the heart-shaped out of the Oh A full bag of 100 loaded, There are a few bad bags in their bags. Too serious to buy Oh We sell the balloon itself is not floating Oh, our pump can only fill the ordinary air, can not make the balloon float.If you want the balloon to float up,We can stick the balloon on the roof or the wall, and we can achieve the same effect. ) . Balloon can be decorated hotel, your wedding car, new house ... ... very beautiful it! Hong Kong and Macao Taiwan is not 包邮.

'Reviews': We sold the balloons, the price is cheaper. The first day filled with more than a dozen balloons hanging on the balcony. The next morning to see a few broken, a few leaks. A few are normal. Is the factory for raw materials and thickening of the. Balloon quality is very good. We rest assured to buy. Full of gas hanging a month do not leak.