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Supply Ricoeur Albert Instrument 104b Taiyuan particles of repose, drug repose angle of liquidity

Supply Ricoeur Albert Instrument 104b Taiyuan particles of repose, drug repose angle of liquidity
  • Supply Ricoeur Albert Instrument 104b Taiyuan particles of repose, drug repose angle of liquidity
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Brand: Ricoeur Albert Instrument Model: 104b
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The company Taiyuan particles of repose, drug repose angle liquidity meal, quality assurance, welcome to consult the discussion.

FT-101 Scott capacity meter Bulk Density Tester: is based on the determination of GB / T 1479.2-2011 metal powder bulk density of the two parts of our company: Scott capacity meter method instead of GB GB5060-85 (metal powders - Determination of density - Part II: Scott capacity meter method) Development of powder bulk density test device at the same time meet international standards IS0 3923-2: 1981 {Determination of metal powder bulk density - Part 2: Skoda Special capacity meter method). provided in the basic structure and parameters required, the indicators are in line with standards.


3.1 Each measured powder bulk density, should at least take 100cm 3 Sample volume, performed in triplicate.

3.2 Typically, the powder was measured according to the reception state, in some cases, the powder should be dry, but if the powder is easily oxidized, should be dried under vacuum or inert atmosphere protection. If the powder contains volatile substances, is not allowed to bake dry

FT-101 Scott capacity meter Bulk Density Tester Performance:

1, Upper hopper assembly: Material: 304 stainless steel; upper diameter Φ112mm, lower end diameter Φ30mm, total length: 30 + 850mm mesh: 1.18mm stainless steel mesh.

2, Cloth box: Square, built four 1 mm thick stainless steel bezel.

3, Square funnel: 60 ° square cone, the bottom diameter of 12.5mm * 12.5mm.

4, Cylindrical Cup: Material: 304 stainless steel; volume of 25 ± 0.05 ml.

5, size: 100 mm * 160 mm * 358 mm.

The test results are calculated as follows:

Than the quality and volume of the metal powder bulk density is calculated as follows:

Where: ρ as : Powder Pine Scott capacity meter method measured density, g / cm3,

m: mass of metal powder, g;

V: volume of loose powder, cm3.

Take the arithmetic average of the three measured results reported final results accurate to 0.01g / cm 3 When the difference between the results of three measurements of more than 1% of the average, the maximum and minimum values ​​should be reported with the results.

Ricoeur Instruments Tips, as well as associated products FT-102A vibration funnel bulk density tester, FT-100A tap density tester; FT-101 Scott capacity meter bulk density tester, FT-102 Hall flow meter / Bulk Density Tester - stainless steel ; FL4-1 Hall flow meter / powder flowability tester - brass

Note: Specific parameters, please keep in touch with us, as well as related products.

FT-104B Angle of repose tester

FT-104B repose angle measurement based on GB11986-89 (measured surfactant powder and granules angle of repose) provides design requirements while meeting the ISO4324-1977; powders and granules measuring the angle of repose; also applies to the USP (United States Pharmacopeia ), BP (British Pharmacopoeia) and EP (European Pharmacopoeia) Specification requirements of the reference standard: DIN ISO 4324 - December 1983 ; Also be used for similar testing requirements and the common determination of the international test method to meet the requirements of the product specification liquidity.

FT-104B analyzer angle of repose angle of repose in the pharmaceutical industry particles refers angle conical heap loose bulk material sandwiched ramps and horizontal reflecting particle size of the particles friction or degree of liquidity. For the same kinds of materials, the larger the particle size the smaller the angle of repose, which is due to the greater adhesion between each other so; generally closer to spherical particles, the smaller the angle of repose.

FT-104B repose angle measurement in the formulation process, the intermediate good flowability, tablet weight difference of tablets, capsules, and granules amount of difference and so it is difficult to meet the requirements, so the process to aid in the study like the screening process stream, should be based on the angle of repose, the amount of difference as an indicator in the study screening process (tablets, granules and the like) drugs, we need to study the angle of repose of the particles, to examine the particle flow etc., generally at about 30 ° angle of repose for the best