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Supply Ricoeur instrument FT-101 Scott capacity meter

Supply Ricoeur instrument FT-101 Scott capacity meter
  • Supply Ricoeur instrument FT-101 Scott capacity meter
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Brand: Ricoeur Instrument Model: FT-101
  • Types of: Density Tester
Detailed description:
Custom processing: Measuring range: FT-101 Scott capacity meter Bulk Density Tester, Scott capacity
Type: Desktop density meter Division value: 1
Accuracy: 1 Purpose: FT-101 Scott capacity meter Bulk Density Tester, Scott capacity
Variety: vibrating Power: 1 (V / HZ)
Display: 1 Custom processing:
Measuring range: Types of:
Dividing the value of: Accuracy:
use: Variety:
power supply: display method:

FT-101 Type Scott capacity meter method bulk density meter It is based on national GB5060-85 (The second part of the metal powder bulk density measurement method: Scott capacity meter method) designs, manufactures; also comply with international standards ISO 3932/2 (Metal powder bulk density of Determination 2 Section: Scott capacity meter method) The test device is suitable not freely flow through the aperture of the funnel method 5mm It funnels and vibrating funnel method is easy to change the characteristics of the powder.

1 principle:

Powder into the upper combination hopper sieve, natural or rely on external inflows cloth box, alternately through the fabric tank four tilt angle 25 ° Glass and square funnel, and finally into a known volume of a cylindrical cup, a loose state and then weigh the quality of the powder cylinder cup.

2 Features:

FT-101 Type Scott capacity meter bulk density meter method comprising:

2.1, the upper combination hopper : It consists of two stainless steel conical funnel assembled, during a period of spaced cylindrical, and placed in a stainless steel mesh pore size of 1.18mm.

2.2, fabric box: A square cross-section, there are four 1mm thick stainless steel plate obliquely mounted on an aluminum frame, front and rear frame wall is two plexiglass plate; stainless steel plate can be removed for easy cleaning.

2.3 square funnel : 1mm thick stainless steel plates welded together, the inclination angle of 60° Square cone, the bottom diameter of 12.5mm * 12.5mm.

2.4, cylindrical cup : Volume of 25ml, stainless steel, weight 46 ± 1 gram.

2.5, iron bench : Combination funnel, fabric boxes, square funnel, cylindrical cup for supporting the upper part and other components.

2.6 Balances : For weighing the powder sample to the nearest 0.05g (user-supplied).

3 Sampling:

3.1 Each measured powder bulk density, should at least take 100cm 3 Sample volume, performed in triplicate.

3.2 Typically, the powder was measured according to the reception state, in some cases, the powder should be dry, but if the powder is easily oxidized, should be dried under vacuum or inert atmosphere protection. If the powder contains volatile substances, is not allowed to bake dry.

4 operating procedure:

4.1 Carefully with a spoon on the upper portion of the powder composition funnel sieve through cloth box, square funnel flows into the cylindrical cup until full, and there is a powder overflows.

4.2 If the powder is not free to pass through the screen, use a soft-bristled brush to brush the powder through a screen. If not, then the metal powder bulk density determination does not apply to the Scott capacity meter method.

4.3 Cylindrical glass powder-overflow, with stainless steel plate gelling. But do not compress the powder in the cup or out, but do not make cups shake or vibration.

4.4 After Calibrating, tapping the cup the powder sinking, avoid moving during powder loss, the outer surface of the cup can not be stained with the powder.

4.5 Metal powder weighing cylinder cup to the nearest 0.05g.

5 Test results of the calculation:

Than the quality and volume of the metal powder bulk density is calculated as follows:

Where: ρ as : Powder Pine Scott capacity meter method measured density, g / cm3,

m: mass of metal powder, g;

V: volume of loose powder, cm3.

Take the arithmetic average of the three measured results reported final results accurate to 0.01g / cm 3 When the difference between the results of three measurements of more than 1% of the average, the maximum and minimum values ​​should be reported with the results.

6 Test reports: