Ricoeur brand repose angle measurement

Ricoeur brand repose angle measurement

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Repeatability error: 1 Samples can be measured state: Angle measured surfactant powder and granules resting
Custom processing: Measuring range: Determination of corner surfactant powder and granules resting
Type: Density Tester Scope: Determination of corner surfactant powder and granules resting
Dimensions: 11 (mm) Repeatability error:
Samples can be measured state: Custom processing:
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FT-104B angle of repose tester

FT-104B repose angle measurement is based on GB11986-89 (measured surfactant powder and granules angle of repose) provides design requirements while meeting the ISO4324-1977; powders and granules measuring the angle of repose.

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(Referred to as 'Ricoeur instrument' English: Ningbo Rlco instrument Co., LTD)

Began in 1999, the Department of Ricoeur instrument enterprise systems; Ricoeur instrument enterprise system is mainly engaged in precision testing equipment and advanced detection equipment research and development, production and sales for the integration of the Industrial Company to set up manufacturing facilities in Dongguan, Guangdong Huang Town, the company's. There 'Xinke instrument' 'Ricoeur instrument' II large trademarks, product complies with IEC, CCC, UL, CSA, VDE, JIS, KS, SEV, BSI, HD, KEMA, SSA requirements and other relevant international standards

FT-104B angle of repose tester Widely used in powder detect pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, washing, research institutions, quality inspection agency, etc. related to the powder and the particulate material; powder storage can provide changes in the nature of the case, particularly in storage silos and the like.

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FT-104B angle of repose tester The instrument is suitable for routine determination of no clumps of powdered or granular detergent surfactants and angle of repose, they can also be used for other measuring the angle of repose of a similar nature powder and granules. Material flow under specified conditions to obtain The cone base angle called the angle of repose
Disc: diameter 10MM
Funnel: diameter 155mm inner diameter of 145mm

FT-104B repose angle measurement Operation video link:

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