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Supply Ricoeur Albert Instrument powder flowability tester, bulk density meter, bulk density tester

Supply Ricoeur Albert Instrument powder flowability tester, bulk density meter, bulk density tester
  • Supply Ricoeur Albert Instrument powder flowability tester, bulk density meter, bulk density tester
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The company operating the powder flowability tester bulk density tester, quality assurance, welcome to consult the discussion.

FT-103 Natural Accumulation bulk density meter , Dust accumulation densitometer

FT-103 Natural bulk density meter stacking performance standards

It is based on national standards GB / T 16913.3-1997 provisions of design and production. The device is suitable for the determination of bulk density of dust.

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FT-103 Natural Accumulation bulk density meter Please refer to the sample collection GB / T 16913.1-1997 dust Physics Experiment Part 1: Dust samples collected in the relevant regulations.

FT-103 Natural Accumulation bulk density meter Principle: Dust from the funnel mouth full of free fall at a certain height measuring cup; mass per unit volume of dust inside the cup measured bulk state, that dust bulk density.

FT-103 Natural Accumulation bulk density meter Structure: funnel (flow outlet diameter 12.7mm)

Funnel made of stainless steel, which funnel taper of 60 ° ± 0.5

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Dust sampling experiments should be consistent GB / T 16913.1-1997 The provisions of Registration dust sampling conditions.

3.2 Dust samples in 105 ℃ dried 4 Hours after placing indoor natural cooling through 80 Mesh sieve to debris, ready determination.

Note: For less 105 Chemical reaction occurs when ℃ or melting, sublimation of dust, the drying temperature should be reduced accordingly.

3.3 The measuring device to adjust the level.

3.4 Stick stuffed with jam funnel spout. Measure 120ml The sample is poured into the funnel.

3.5 Pull out the stopper so that dust naturally fall to the lower cylinder in until after all the dust out of the funnel with a scraper to scrape the dust accumulated in the upper part of the cylinder.

3.6 The cylinder is equipped with dust sample was weighed on the balance weight.

3.7 Dust above procedure was repeated three times the bulk density is calculated according to the formula:

Where: ρ0 - Dust bulk density. g / cm3 ;

m1 , m2 , m3 - Measuring the quality of secondary dust were weighed. g ;

V - Cylinder volume. 100ml ;

continuous 3 Quality dust determinations resulting difference between maximum and minimum values ​​should be less than 1g Otherwise, for the first 4 (Article 5 First 6 ) Determinations, until the difference between the maximum value and the minimum value is less than 1g , Take to meet the requirements of 3 Measurements average as measurement results.

FT-106 Ordinary abrasive The bulk density meter, Abrasive Bulk density meter

FT-106 Ordinary abrasive The bulk density tester (original DMP-II )

FT-106 Ordinary abrasive The bulk density tester According to international standard ISO9136: 1989 (Determination of bulk density coarse grains) and industry standard JB / T7984.2-1999 (Ordinary coarse grit abrasive Determination of bulk density) of the relevant technical requirements of development and production of special detection equipment, while meeting the GB / T20316.1-2009 bulk density tester requirements; suitable for detecting manufacturing bonded abrasives and coated abrasives bulk density of coarse particles of abrasive materials, but also for the detection of other granular material bulk density of the detection method. results and international common detection method has complete versatility.

FT-106 Ordinary abrasive The bulk density tester working principle

The abrasive test load funnel, open the drain valve, abrasive natural port along the funnel and into the measuring cylinder fall, and will fall into the measuring cylinder abrasive Calibrating the balance Weigh Calibrating the measuring cylinder abrasive quality, and then divided by the volume measuring cylinder, can be measured bulk density of abrasive measured.

FT-106 Ordinary abrasive The bulk density tester Technical Parameters

The main technical parameters

1.1 Funnel Material: Stainless Steel;

1.2 funnel Dimensions: Height 240mm; top diameter 160mm; outlet diameter: (20 ± 0.5) mm;

Catchy from the bottom of the funnel and measuring cylinder: (76 ± 1) mm measuring tube size: diameter 64mm; net height 62mm measuring cylinder volume: (200 ± 0.5) cm3 measurement error: ≤ ± 0.02g / cm3.
2.1 Measurement error: ≤ ± 0.02g / cm3.
2.2 measuring cylinder volume: 200 ± 0.5cm3.
2.3 Dimensions: 230mm (length) * 250mm (width) * 425mm (H)

FT-106 Ordinary abrasive The bulk density tester

Note: Specific parameters, please keep in touch with us, as well as related products.

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