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Supply of powder flowability tester, bulk density meter, Hall flow meter, bulk density meter

Supply of powder flowability tester, bulk density meter, Hall flow meter, bulk density meter
  • Supply of powder flowability tester, bulk density meter, Hall flow meter, bulk density meter
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Brand: Ricoeur Model: FL4-1
Detailed description:
Custom processing: Measuring range: 1
Type: Desktop density meter Division value: 1
Accuracy: 1 Variety: vibrating
Power: 1 (V / HZ) Display: 1
Custom processing: Measuring range:
Types of: Dividing the value of:
Accuracy: Variety:
power supply: display method:

FL4-1 Flowability and bulk density measuring device is Ningbo Haishu Ricoeur Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. based GB1479-84, GB1482-84 Standard Specification for production design and production. The device is suitable metal powder flowability measurement standard funnel in. Where it can be free flow through the pore size 2.5mm Standard funnel powder, can use this device.

1, the principle

Metal powder flowability to 50g Time metal powder to flow through a standard funnel predetermined aperture required to represent.

2, the instrument structure

2.1 funnel ( Hole diameter 2.5mm and 5.0mm)

Brass funnel material, and has a sufficient thickness and hardness to prevent deformation and excessive wear.

2.2 Bracket, base and receiver

Bracket for fixing the funnel. Base for mounting bracket and receiver, adjust the level, stable and vibration free. Stand height adjustment and fixed with the supplied wrench, funnel attached to the bracket.

2.3 Balance (user): Maximum weighing 100g ; Accuracy 0.05g .

2.4 Stopwatch: Measurement time can be accurate to 0.01s .

2.5 Barrel

The device is equipped with a volume of 25ml The stainless steel cylinder. The user can refer GB GB 1479-84 The provisions of the completion of the metal powder density determination (funnel) loose.

3. Sampling

3.1 At least take 200g Samples were tested in triplicate.

3.2 Typically, the metal powder according to the reception state of the test. In some cases, the powder may be dried. However, if the powder is easily oxidized, drying should be carried out in a vacuum or inert atmosphere. If the powder contains volatile substances, is not allowed to dry.

4, test Buju

4.1 Weigh 50g A sample, accurate to ± 0.1g .

4.2 Hand to block the hole at the bottom of the funnel, the weighed 50g Sample poured into the funnel, note the lower end of the powder must be filled funnel entire hole.

4.3 Moment when being opened holes and start timing funnel, powder funnel flow once completed, immediately stop the clock.

4.4 Record funnel all the time required to complete the sample stream, and repeated three times, and the arithmetic mean, the time recorded to the nearest 0.1s .

Note: If and when the hole being opened, the powder does not flow, you can tap on the funnel look to the powder begins to flow. However, even if this is done, the powder is still not out of or during the measurement of powder to stop the flow, you should consider this powder having no flowability.

5, standard funnel

5.1 Emery standard sample selection, particle size less than about 106 μ m When the method in accordance with the provisions of this standard be tested on a standard funnel liquidity of the standard sample should be 4 0 ± 0.5s / 50g.

5.2 Funnel been calibrated at the factory. When you start using the current user must be calibrated with a standard sample, measured correction factor standard samples should advance in air 10 At a temperature of 5 ± 10 ℃ drying 30min, then placed in a desiccator to cool to room temperature then measuring the flow of the sample Buju measuring standard sample, six times repeated measurements, in addition to the first, the other five measurements taken Arithmetic average. In general, the requirements for the maximum difference between the results of each measurement shall not exceed 0.4s. Ends assumed 50g standard sample from a standard funnel flow time is 40s, the correction coefficient of the funnel is 40.0 divided by 5 times the measurement results arithmetic mean.

5.3 Funnel in the course of a standard sample should be regularly proofread flow time if a standard sample in the funnel vary with time should be measured to calculate the average new new correction factor.

Note: 1, In the new proposal is adopted before the correction coefficient, the reason to study change. If the time is shortened, described by repeated use of the funnel, holes due to wear powder becomes large, and prove new correction number is correct. On the contrary, Director of the flow of time, indicating a soft powder attached to the wall of the hole should be carefully remove these deposits, then repeat the test.

2, When the funnel period of time, with the 50g standard sample measured flow time reduced to 37s or less, the funnel should be scrapped and replaced with a new funnel.

6, the test results

The arithmetic average of the three sample results are multiplied by the correction coefficient funnel to s / 50g reported data, report data is accurate to 0.5s.

Please fill in the test report: The test report shall include the following:

a. Necessary to explain the identification of the sample;

b. The handling of the sample, if the powder is dried, the drying process should be indicated;

c. If the flow of powder is caused due to the beat funnel should be specified;

d. Calculation results;

e. It may affect the outcome of any case.