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Supply of electronic equipment maintenance, Zhejiang, China-made equipment maintenance

Supply of electronic equipment maintenance, Zhejiang, China-made equipment maintenance
  • Supply of electronic equipment maintenance, Zhejiang, China-made equipment maintenance
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The company operating the electronic equipment maintenance, Zhejiang, China-made equipment maintenance, quality assurance, welcome to consult the discussion.

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Common powder powder test solutions

FT-100A Tap density tester; FT-100B tap densitometer; FT-101 Scott capacity meter Bulk Density Tester
FT-102 Hall flow meter / Bulk Density Tester - stainless steel; FL4-1 Hall flow meter / powder flowability tester - brass; FT-103 bulk density tester; FT-103A activated clay bulk density measuring device;

FT-103B Dust analyzer angle of repose; FT-104 Alumina bulk density tester;

FT-104A Repose angle measurement; FT-104B repose angle measurement; FT-104C aluminum fluoride mobility analyzer; apparent active agents tester FT-105A FT-105 Apparent density density measuring device; FT-105B slurry Table View density measuring device; FT-105CASTM plastic apparent densitometer; FT-106 abrasive bulk density tester (Original DMP-II)
FT-106A powder bulk density tester; FT-106B superhard material bulk density tester
FZS4-4 tap density tester; FT-102A vibration funnel bulk density tester

FZ4-3 Bulk density of the funnel-type vibration analyzer; FS4-2 Skoda Bengtsson bulk density tester

DMP-II ordinary Abrasive bulk density tester; FT-107 Fertilizer bulk density (Loose) Tester

FT-100A Microcomputer Powder Density Tester , USP tap density meter

FT-100A Powder Density Tester Is consistent with USP (United States Pharmacopoeia), BP (British Pharmacopoeia) and EP (European Pharmacopoeia) Specification requirements and GB / T 5162-2006 / ISO3953: 1993 (metal powder tap density measurement), the instrument covers the national standard GB / T 5162-2006 / ISO3953: 1993 in the indicators ..

FT-100A Powder Density Tester By a variable speed motor, vibration components, micro and mini printers and other components. And the instrument with a compact, solid, simple operation, suitable for non-metallic powder, metal powder, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, batteries, abrasives as well as research and teaching and other fields, is the ideal instrument for powder industry tap density test. The basic working process of tap density tester is the powder cylinder fixed to the mechanical vibration device, vibration motor driven mechanical vibration device up and down vibration, graduated tube containing powder With the mechanical vibration device rhythmic vibration occurs, the vibration frequency increases, the cylinder where the powder gradually after the tap, vibration frequency reaches the set number of times, mechanical vibration device to stop the vibration, volume readout graduated tube, according to the density Definition: mass divided by volume, thereby obtaining powder tap density after.