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Supply FT-106A powder bulk density tester, powder bulk density, bulk density meter

Supply FT-106A powder bulk density tester, powder bulk density, bulk density meter
  • Supply FT-106A powder bulk density tester, powder bulk density, bulk density meter
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Brand: Ricoeur Instrument Model: FT-106
  • Types of: Density Tester
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Custom processing: Measuring range: FT-106A powder bulk density tester, powder bulk density, bulk density
Type: Desktop density meter Division value: 1
Accuracy: 1 Purpose: FT-106A powder bulk density tester, powder bulk density, bulk density
Variety: vibrating Power: 1 (V / HZ)
Display: 1 Custom processing:
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Dividing the value of: Accuracy:
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FT-106A powder bulk density tester Instructions

FT-106A powder bulk density meter is based on the international standard ISO9136-2: 1999 (E) (abrasives - Determination of bulk density - Part II: Powder) relevant technical requirements of the development and production of special detection equipment, suitable for detecting manufacturing solid Results abrasive and coated abrasives with powder bulk density, but also for the detection of diamond powder and bulk density of other fine powder materials and their detection methods and results and international common detection method has complete versatility.

1. Working Principle

Instrument by the splice parts, vibration feed section, electrical control components. The measured soot loading hopper, a bulk powder under its own role in the steady state. When the electromagnetic oscillator startup, powder under the action of electromagnetic vibrations, volume in specific ways and means of measuring flows into the bucket, will fall into the measuring cylinder of powder Calibrating Weigh Calibrating measuring cylinder soot mass in the balance, and then divided by the measurement tube, the test can be measured The bulk density fine powder.

2. The main technical parameters

2.1 Measurement error: ≤ ± 0.02 g / cm3.

2.2 measuring cylinder V:. 200 ± 0.5cm 3 .

2.3 funnel spout inner diameter: 28mm.

2.4 Funnel spout height: 38mm.

2.5 The height of the drop measured abrasive powder: 140 ± 1mm ​​(vibration from the edge of the guide groove at the bottom to measure the bottom of the barrel).

3. Installation

3.1. The instrument should be installed in a stable work surface, in order to avoid the spread of the vibration, the best use of cement countertops, best table covered with a layer of hard rubber.

3.2. The bottom portion of the splice should have side marker and bottom vibration feeding section with side alignment mark, leaving a gap of about 1mm parallel between the two.

3.3. Adjust the horizontal adjustment screw on the chassis so that the vibration plate and the bottom plate then send feed material portion are in the horizontal section, and the upper surface of both in the same plane.

3.4. The fine adjustment screw guides under vibration, so vibration from the edge of the guide groove at the bottom of the bottom of the barrel to measure the distance of 140 ± 1mm ​​(this part has been adjusted at the factory, but can not guarantee transportation and other process does not change) .

3.5. Adjustment funnel height adjustment screw so that the vibration from the lower end surface of the guide funnel bottom surface of 8 ± 4mm, while adjusting the direction of the funnel, so that the center line of the guide groove of the funnel and vibration in the same vertical plane (the part at the factory When was fine, but can not guarantee transportation and other process did not change).

3.6 cable were equipped with electrical control will be reliable and the oscillator connected.

3.7. The instrument uses a single-phase AC220V, 50Hz power supply, power supply should be grounded.

3.8. After the installation is complete, the instrument should avoid violent collisions or vibrations.

4. Measure the calibration tube

4.1. Weigh the dry plate glass measuring cylinder and a total mass.

4.2. The measuring cylinder filled with distilled water, into the process should pay attention to grasp the speed, distilled water to avoid air bubbles.

4.3. The plate glass cover to the measuring bucket, this process should avoid air bubbles in distilled water.

4.4. Press and hold the plate glass to keep it in place, wipe the excess water, then weighing the total mass.

4.5 calculated measuring cylinder volume:

V = M 0/ P H2O

Wherein: V- measuring cylinder volume, unit: cm3;

M0 - The quality of distilled water, unit: g;

P H2O - Distilled water at a temperature of density, unit: g / cm3.

4.6 factory measuring cylinder volume has been calibrated (see specific data verification certificate).

4.7. The measuring cylinder volume should not exceed one year calibration cycle.

5. Measurement Methods

5.1 Preparation of test specimens

5.1.1. The test sample placed in an oven at 110 0 C and dried at a temperature of 1 hour, cooled to room temperature before measurement.

5.1.2. The test sample divided into thirds, removing one of which measuring bulk density, and the other two aside.

5.2 Measurement procedures

5.2.1 The best at room temperature (23 ± 2) 0 C; relative humidity is detected at (50 ± 6)% of the environment.

5.2.2. The test sample into the instrument of the funnel, the test specimen under its own stacking interactions in a stable state.

5.2.3. Press the electrical control part of the power switch, power indicator light. Then press electrical control vibration switch, then vibration indicator light, electromagnetic oscillator to work. Powder under the action of electromagnetic vibrations to specific ways and means of measuring flows into the bucket. inflow powder should be smooth, continuous process and there are rules.

5.2.4. When measuring soot accumulation in the center of the barrel, and a barrel higher than the measured upper edge 2cm ~ 3cm When pressed again electrical control vibration switch, the electromagnetic oscillator is stopped. Press again to electrical control power switch, turn off the power.

5.2.5. Remove the shield, should be careful not to remove the rest of the collision.

5.2.6. Will accumulate in the measuring bucket on top of the powder scraped with a straight blade, scraping the barrel when the angle between the blade and the measuring surface about 450 (Scraper way see below), this process should be to prevent the powder compaction measuring cylinder to avoid vibrations.

5.2.7. Indexing is not greater than 0.01g Weighing scales measuring quality powder keg and barrel, and then subtracting the measured quality of the barrel, the barrel fine powder derived measurement quality.

5.2.8. Measurement process, powder flows into the measurement time should be controlled in the tub 30 Sec to 90 Between seconds powder inflow time by the amplitude of the electrical part of the adjustment knob to adjust the controls, adjust the funnel to the bottom surface of the guide groove distance between the vibration can also affect the inflow velocity Powder.

5.2.9. Throughout the measuring process, we should always avoid vibration measurements barrel.

5.3. data processing

Bulk density is calculated as follows:


Where: P B - Powder bulk density, unit: g / cm3;

M1 - Quality measuring cylinder powder, unit: g;

V - the volume of the measuring cylinder, unit: cm3.

5.4. Follow the steps 5.2.1 - 5.3 Bulk density measurements other duplicate samples.

5.5. The test results

The arithmetic average of the three measurements was used as test sample bulk density values.

5.6 Measurement repeatability

By the same person using the same instrument to detect repeat the test with a sample, the deviation between the measurement results shall not be greater than ± 0.02 g / cm3.

6. Instrument Maintenance

6.1. After completion of the measurement process, the instrument should be cleaned of soot absorption of each part to keep the instrument dry and clean. Do not rinse the funnel and vibration directly guide groove, the lower portion of the guide groove to prevent vibration of the oscillator water or moisture.

6.2 It should be kept dry at ambient instrument placement, such as the instrument for long periods of use, should the power cord to unplug the electrical control part.

6.3. The instrument shall not exceed one year calibration cycle.


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