FT-100 tap density tester / Powder Density Tester Operation

FT-100 tap density tester / Powder Density Tester Operation

Product description:

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Detailed description:
Tap density tester / powder density: tap density tester / Powder Density Tester Operating voltage: 220 (V)
Custom processing: Measuring range: 1
Weight: 12 (kg) The scope of products: tap density tester / Powder Density Tester
Power: 1 Dimensions: 11
Tap density tester / powder density: Operating Voltage:
Custom processing: Measuring range:
weight: Products Scope:
power supply: Dimensions:

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FT-100 tap density tester / Powder Density Tester

FT-100 Powder Density Tester Is based on GB / T 5162-2006 / ISO3953: 1993 (metal powder tap density measurement), and with reference to the United States Pharmacopoeia independent research and manufacture of the powder density testing equipment, with independent intellectual property rights instrument covers the national standard GB / T 5162-. 2006 / ISO3953: 1993 in the indicators.

FT-100 Powder Density Tester By a variable speed motor, vibration components, micro and mini printers and other components. And the instrument with a compact, solid, simple operation.

FT-100 Powder Density Tester Technical Specifications:

  1. Sample weight: ≤500.00 g;
  2. Sample volume: ≤250.00 milliliter;
  3. Single frequency vibration: 0 ~ 99999 Views (when set to 0 Times when the result is output as 'bulk density') ;
  4. Allow the motor torque: 0.86 N.m;
  5. Vibration frequency: 0 to 300 rev / min (adjustable);
  6. Vibration amplitude: maximum 14mm, 1-14mm adjustable integer;
  7. Repeatability error: ≤1%;
  8. Accuracy error: ≤1%;
  9. Input Power: AC 220V (50Hz / 60Hz), 40W.

FT-100 Powder density tester objects
Various metal powders: such as aluminum powder, zirconium powder, nickel powder, tungsten powder, tin powder, zinc powder, molybdenum powder, magnesium powder, copper powder and other precious metals, an alloy powder or metal oxide powder and the like.
Non-metallic powder: such as talc, kaolin, calcium carbonate, coal, phosphor, brucite, calcite, wollastonite, tourmaline, diamond, barite, fluorite, zeolite, boron carbide, clay, graphite, quartz, gypsum, bentonite, diatomaceous earth, zirconium silicate, alumina, mica, clay, titanium dioxide and the like.
Other powders: such as soil, dyes, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, abrasives, paints, food additives, catalysts, cement, sand and other rivers.

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