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Supply FT-104C aluminum fluoride | flow tester, liquidity instrument, aluminum fluoride

Supply FT-104C aluminum fluoride | flow tester, liquidity instrument, aluminum fluoride
  • Supply FT-104C aluminum fluoride | flow tester, liquidity instrument, aluminum fluoride
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Brand: Ricoeur Model: FT-104C
Detailed description:
Custom processing: Measuring range: 1
Type: Desktop density meter Division value: 1
Accuracy: 1 Variety: 1
Power: 1 (V / HZ) Display: 1
Custom processing: Measuring range:
Types of: Dividing the value of:
Accuracy: Variety:
power supply: display method:

FT-104C aluminum flow performance analyzer Instructions
First, the scope
The product for the production, management, and use of alumina and aluminum fluoride laboratory determination of physical performance use.
This instrument is suitable for testing the flow properties of alumina.
Second, the applicable standard requirements:

GB / 6609.36-2008 Determination of flow properties for aluminum

three, skills requirement

Alumina flow properties analyzer

According to GB / T66.9.36-2008 for determination of physical performance of alumina Design (flow properties)

Technical Parameters:

1. Funnel: diameter 138.5mm, diameter: 126.5 feed mouth diameter 3.5-4mm

2, the funnel height: 190.5mm

2. funnel angle: an upper; lower 60 degrees: 15 degrees

3; Material: Stainless Steel

4. Environment Temperature: 15 ~ 25 ℃ Relative humidity: not more than 70%.
5. Lighting: lighting conditions conform to the requirements of the operating microscope laboratory in a natural airflow and vibration conditions.
6. fume hood placed over a smooth, do not open fan. With laboratory no dust, corrosive, volatile items.
Fourth, the general performance
1, in line with the technical specifications GB6609.36-2008 determination of physical performance of alumina ..
2, the product to meet the easy maintenance, safe, reliable, economical and practical aesthetic requirements.
3, equipment installation, commissioning and use
4, confirm the ready placement of the instrument bench is level.
5. The determination of the flow properties of alumina GB6609.36-2008 assembled drawings and technical specifications, for installation of the instrument.
Five sample preparation details

Six: Use

Seven: Test Report:

Quality assurance


During the guarantee: date until (date)

Product Name


Machine body No.

Fertilizer bulk density tester


This warranty card guarantee one year, to ensure that period, as a result of poor quality, or fault of manufacture, may favor free repair.

(A) load sensors, displacement, electromagnetic switches, I am afraid can not be around within the warranty period.

(B) the cost of material costs to close the case when the following circumstances.

① improper use or damage caused by a machine malfunction.

② damage caused by his failure is assembled to form the label.

③ beyond our waiter repair, resulting in failure when disassembly.

(3) when the following conditions without guarantee.

① accident due to natural disasters or other force majeure, which led to the failure or damage.

② the use of incorrect or alteration, damage caused by the machine.

Move or transport failure occurred after ③ installation.

(D) If the guarantee is lost, the product warranty period from the date of manufacture to guarantee one year.

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