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Op lighting | 2D tube YDW38W-2D 38W lamps | bubble butterfly tube | tricolor energy-saving lamp genuine

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: OPPLE / Op lighting
  • Model: YDW38-2D
  • Color Classification: 38W-2D tube light [yellow] [3500K] 197 * 199mm 38W-2D tube - [white] [6500K] 197 * 199mm
  • Light source: energy saving lamp
  • Power: 31-40W
  • City services: city buyers come from the mention
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Lamp Interface (Base Type): Other

Note: 1. The pictures may have a small amount of color, goods in kind prevail!
The provision of goods size may have some errors, please in kind for the
Accurate, mind, please carefully shot.

3, there are two kinds of packaging random issue, mind Convicted beat.

If the parent is with the lamp, and the original wattage to the same size, so as to get on the installation,

Power and lamp ballast power will match this life will be relatively long.

Brand: OPPLE Op lighting

(Size]: 197mm * 199mm

[] 38W wattage

[Base Type]: GR10q 4 pin

[Color temperature]: 6500K white / Daylight

3500K yellow light (yellow light us directly named, is mainly distinguished from white, 3500K light lit belongs to a very pale yellow oh, oh mind pro careful to buy)

[] The maximum diameter: 197 * 199mm (! Wattage of different size sample sizes, and supporting ballast not the same size, not the pursuit of brightness, buy unsuitable size oh) market most 38W 2D tube 4-pin use all good, I like a good size check