Wuxi repose angle measurement, angle of repose tester Ricoeur production angle of repose advantage

Wuxi repose angle measurement, angle of repose tester Ricoeur production angle of repose advantage

Product description:

Brand: Ricoeur Instrument Model: FT-104B
  • Types of: other
Detailed description:
Repeatability error: angle of repose tester Samples can be measured state: Angle of repose tester
Custom processing: No Measuring range: Angle of repose tester
Type: Density Tester Size: 11
Scope: Angle of repose tester Dimensions: 1 (mm)

FT-104 alumina bulk density tester

First, based on (measured alumina chemical analysis methods and determination of physical performance bulk density) in line with GB / T 6609.25-2004 technical specifications. Determination of alumina chemical analysis methods and determination of physical performance bulk density Part 25, the second . FT-104 alumina bulk density tester Technical Parameters:

1. Funnel: mouth diameter 100mm, taper 60º, within the discharge port by 6mm.

2. cylinder: about 200ml, the inner diameter of the inner high ratio of 1: 6, the base outer diameter of 70mm

3; Material: Stainless steel

FT-104A repose angle measurement

(Alumina chemical analysis methods and determination of physical performance: Determination of repose angle) in accordance with national standards GB / T6609.24-2004 designed and manufactured for measuring the angle of repose of the powder under natural flow conditions meet GBT 16913-2008 dust physics. Test methods and GB / T 18702-2002 coal repose angle measuring method is also applicable to other products repose angle measurement, the measuring method is similar to the international phase.

Stainless steel funnel: The inner diameter of 74mm, 6mm inside diameter of the feed opening

Weight: about 16kg

FT-103B dust analyzer angle of repose

First, the standard requirements: GBT 16913-2008 dust dust physical test methods repose angle measurement (injection limited underside of law)

Second, the principle:

Sufficient overflowing trays dust injected from the mouth of the funnel to the horizontal feed tray; measure dust accumulation and the bottom horizontal bevel sandwiched acute angle, that dust angle of repose.

Third, the test requirements and procedures: the angle of repose of dust injection means defining a bottom surface measuring method, should be placed on the test stand; funnel plugged with a stopper spout would like dust sample loading cylinder filled with a blade Calibrating after Pour stopper out of the funnel, so that dust from the funnel orifice outflow; for bad fluidity dust, dust can make knitting stir continuously living on trays until all the dust out of the rotation protractor to measure out on trays. dust cone bus sandwiched acute angle with the horizontal plane, that angle of repose, and the records shall be continuously measured 3 times to 5 times, find the arithmetic mean and standard deviation a A

Fourth, the technical parameters:

1 Funnel taper 60 °±0.5°;

2, the outflow diameter 5mm, funnel and the lower center tray center should be on a vertical line;

3, along with the disk bottom spout distance 80mm 2 mm, protractor 7.5cm ~ 10 cm;

4, material disc diameter 80 mm, volume 100 ml graduated cylinder;

5, straight blade-like dust, knitting;

FT-104B angle of repose tester / no lumps powder repose angle measuring instrument / angle of repose of granular surfactant / detergent angle of repose tester / surfactant repose angle / angle of repose tester powder / particle analyzer angle of repose / GB11986 angle of repose tester

FT-104B angle of repose tester

FT-104B repose angle measurement is based on GB11986-89 (measured surfactant powder and granules angle of repose) provides design requirements while meeting the ISO4324-1977; powders and granules measuring the angle of repose, the powder can provide storage properties The changes, especially in the case of storage in silos, etc. The instrument is suitable for routine determination of angle of repose no clumps of powdered or granular surfactant and detergent can also be used for other powders and particles with similar properties angle of repose measurements of material flow under specified conditions to obtain base angle is called a cone angle of repose
Disc: diameter 10MM
Funnel: diameter 155mm inner diameter of 145mm

FT-104C aluminum fluoride mobility analyzer

YS / T 581.17-2010 Methods for chemical analysis of aluminum fluoride and determination of physical performance - Part 17: Determination of flow

This standard specifies the method for measuring the flow of aluminum fluoride, that a certain quality of aluminum fluoride through a special funnel, funnel flow time measurement sample all needed.

Funnel: stainless steel outer diameter of the funnel catchy 138.5mm, an inner diameter of 123mm, outlet diameter is 3.95mm ~ 4.0mm, the total height of 190.5mm wear resistant stainless steel catchy taper:. 60 °, 15 ° taper feed opening


Aluminum fluoride bulk density measuring device

Bulk density measuring device , Including the following sections:

1, Funnel: upper inlet diameter 100mm, taper 60 °, neck length 8mm, brought in under the spout inside by 6mm.

2, cylindrical containers: volume of about 200mL, Nei Jing and about 1 in the high ratio: 6, the inner bottom is flat.

3, the annular funnel rack: There are pillars in the bottom stage of sturdy funnel annular mounting frame, long screws fixed to the pillars of the ring frame, and can be freely adjusted.

The funnel installed in the cylindrical container above the predetermined level surface.

Angle of repose of aluminum fluoride measurement device

Angle of repose measuring device Mainly includes the following components:

1, stainless steel funnel: Neijing 74mm, inside through between the feed opening 6mm, two steps of aperture plate fitted with a sieve of 1mm This funnel is fastened to the bracket.

2, galvanized steel plate: material made of steel or marble, stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant base plate is made, the minimum size of: Width 200mm, length 270mm, 18mm thick plating on the polished floor of the four cross engraved on the surface 45. Angle straight. right in the center section of the funnel has a fixed height gauge positioning pin, the bottom plate below 3 adjustable horizontal feet.

3, Funnel Holder: composed of stainless steel, its structure should be perpendicular to the centerline of the fastening funnel centering pin.

4, height gauge (determine the height of the metal cylinder): It is a cylinder surface finish made of stainless steel, high 40mm, the bottom has a recess so that the center of the bottom plate with the locating pin convergence.

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