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1 yuan a manufacturers supply a DVD wholesale, DVD discs wholesale

1 yuan a manufacturers supply a DVD wholesale, DVD discs wholesale
  • 1 yuan a manufacturers supply a DVD wholesale, DVD discs wholesale
Product code: 20917800001
Unit price: 1.21-4.7 CNY
Reference price: 0.18-0.69 USD
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Other info: Per piece
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Storage capacity: 4.7GB Model: Deluxe Lite Disc types: DVD-R
Package Quantity: Dual Pack Brand: seven wolves, chuangjia

1 yuan a factory direct supply of CD, VCD, DVD, MP3, MP4

D9 real film base, genuine original machine pressure plate, flat Ko color colorful emptied, deluxe triple bronzing convex cover, up to 20 hours of video content, high-definition picture quality, multiple languages, multiple subtitles complete premium version using digital composite direct irrigation. Quality is assured! adapt to any DVD player, DVD-ROM drive to play. to ensure product quality! published faster. Many new film, cinema just play simultaneously published.

HDVD-9 Brand: woodpeckers, Playboy, gold princess, angel, dragon altar, Extreme, ZTE, MO, Panther, gold America, Asia situation, South America, brilliant, coastline, over centuries, Sirius, Pegasus, gold beauty, fashion, Kim Mi, leopard, scripture library, blue king, Oscar (HD: Temptress Moon Church, Lion, leopard king, Zhicheng, tiger tiger, Kamikaze, gold dream).

Series: seven wolves, full house, Taurus (need additional version home please call us thank you!!)

Single Disc Series: Dongsheng, Jiabao.

MTV song disc (40-200 head): the Great Wall, Mickey Mouse, ring sound, Bible, music tree, beauty choice, Feiyu, royal, Hyun dynamic sound, the music front, Concert entertainment.

VCD song disc: McDonald VCD movie: Jiaxin, VCD.

Games Software: Divine, happy, south Digital, Digital

Softcover Brand DVD9: TOP, Chuangjia, prestige and so on.

Softcover DVD5: 3M, South America, Mobil, F1, UFO, Richland, Granville US

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