1 yuan a DVD disc manufacturers to supply wholesale, D9 compression plate wholesale, D5 discs wholesale

1 yuan a DVD disc manufacturers to supply wholesale, D9 compression plate wholesale, D5 discs wholesale

Product description:

Storage capacity: 4.7GB Model: Deluxe Lite Book Type: DVD + R
Package Quantity: Dual Pack Brand: Chuangjia, 5K, seven wolves

I Factory is a CD-ROM production, design, production, packaging, as one of the diversified production company CD DVD compression factory has first-class production lines and equipment: a fully automatic 6 CD production equipment, automatic disc printing equipment 3 sets, a number of supporting CD / DVD box production line, has accumulated years of experience in CD production and post-production, mainly produced CD, VCD, DVD, there are D5, D9 etc. produces a variety of audio-visual discs, computer software, memory disks, compact discs and other multimedia CD.

Long-term supply of DVD movies and television disc, all kinds of audio and video products (D version of the D5. (H) D9, MP4 song disc, CD, MTV, MPEG-4, MPEG-10, computer software, games, encyclopedia, lectures, preschool, cartoon )

The main production of DVD-9 brands (AAA, 3G, sapphire, gold film, rich bird, seven wolves, 5K, HMV, DNA, China Unicom, Century Star, prestige beauty, prestige, Castrol, Jinli Lai, Chuangjia, DK, You win, Taurus, mermaids, Vantage, the day Lo, a Bai, Blue Jays, UFO Television, Ya-run television, Mercedes-Benz, Genesis, Tin Ying, DS, RM video, MD, the Great Wall...... etc) the full range (latest DVD large / hit TV series / cartoon / Arts & Entertainment / northeast couple / action / sci-fi / comedy / war / terrorist / disaster / variety /......... etc.)

Cover design simple and elegant (part has been redesigned changed), deluxe triple cover color Silver gilt convex thickened, sophomore fold color cover and CD Cohen Silver color painting, D912C outer bag.

D9 real piece group, up to 20 hours of video content, high-definition picture quality, multiple languages, multiple subtitles complete premium version, the use of digital composite direct irrigation. Excellent quality, adapt to any DVD player, DVD-ROM drive to play. the sale of products through rigorous testing, visual inspection, dimensional inspection, aging test, drop test... and again at the factory testing to ensure product quality standards!

Adequate supply, can come and pick the goods. Large open version can also be customized, determine the number / Cover Design / Disc paint / disc label, we in a credible, sincere service, e-commerce platform to borrow as much as possible to reduce intermediate links, thereby providing the cheapest products for the overwhelming majority of my friends, welcome new and old customers ordering advice.