Wall Wall Stickers Couple Rabbit Living Room Backdrop Warm Decorative Wallpaper | Removable Wall Sticker w

Wall Wall Stickers Couple Rabbit Living Room Backdrop Warm Decorative Wallpaper | Removable Wall Sticker w

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: MLS / Merlot
  • Wall Sticker Type: Waterproof Wall Sticker
  • Material: PVC
  • Item No .: MLS150703
  • Applicable space: bedroom
  • Color classification: 02 love photo stickers 03 romantic heart 04 cartoon light bulb 05 Paris Tower 06 city silhouette 07 bird picture frame 08 blooming lily gather 2 pieces to enjoy this package do not shoot 3 get 1 to take a 4 need to take automatic reduction / This tips do not shoot 01 love rabbit
  • Style: simple and modern
  • Pattern: cartoon animation
  • Number of films: other
  • Size / processing: large
  • Pricing unit: sets
  • Wall Stickers: Flat Wall Stickers

Special offers

Buy 3 get 1 free

3 pieces automatically send one: (01 love rabbit)

3 pieces can be the same style within this product option, it can be different styles within this product, to be photographed in the same order.

The gift style can not be changed, please understand!

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---Variety with the effect of display-----------

Choose a number of styles to mix and match, you can get a unique unexpected effect, the picture richer, larger, pro-free creative Oh!

☆ look forward to your more creative!

↓ 01 love rabbit

↓ 02 love photo stickers

↓ 03 romantic heart

Cartoon light bulb

↓ 05 Paris Tower

City silhouettes

↓ 07 bird picture frame

↓ 08 blooming lilies

Product Size : Please refer to the effect size for detailed picture

product material : PVC

Product Features:
PVC translucent material, can be attached to any background color of the wall (recommended light-colored wall), tiles, glass, furniture and other smooth surface material

The end of glue can be removed glue, removable to remove, paste the wrong position or future torn easily removed, will not be residual glue stains will not be affixed to the surface of the impact of pro-after removing the wall stickers , Do not pull hard, and slowly peel can be removed, and not for all the walls can be, if Wall finish is not done, can not seize the table paint; wall paint is not completely dry; paint decoration mixed with dust impurities, the removal of these walls if accidentally cause wall paint defects, it is best to use the hair dryer heating After removal)

The product is not hollow Oh, a transparent film rendering, No need to transfer film, you can directly paste

Use the reference:
Make sure that the surface to be pasted is a smooth surface (Note: wallpaper paper products are embossed surface will affect the viscosity of the product, it is recommended to use transparent plastic try viscosity, and then select ~),
⑵. Choose the location of paste, clean up the veneer dust and grease, to ensure The surface is dry and clean.
Paste the order of doing simple planning , Of course, can also be carried out in accordance with their own creative DIY.
⑷. Stickers will be stripped directly with the end of paper directly paste, No transfer film is required , Paste the first paste the middle and then to the left and right pinched.