Cow 15 LED Super Capacity Rechargeable Desk Lamp

Cow 15 LED Super Capacity Rechargeable Desk Lamp

Product description:

Quick Overview

Cow 15 LED Super Capacity Rechargeable Desk Lamp supports rechargeable super capacity and super bright white light. It's perfect for table reading


15 LED, high efficiency, energy conservation, long lifespan

Super capacity: 800mA

• Durable recharge period: more than 300times

• Directly put the whole plug into the power socket (AC110V/ 220V)

• The relative indication light on, charging starts, full charge need 12hours

• When full charged, it will support more than 5 hours continuously.


1. During using, when LED light gets dim, the battery goes to discharge condition. For protecting the battery, please stop using and charge it timely. If you charge the lamp when it can't give out light, battery is easy to damage, even fail to work.

2. Please do not set the lamp aside for long time. If not often use it, please charge it for more than 8 hours every 2 months.

3. When the desk lamp is charging, please do not use it to avoid burning out LED bulbs or other inner parts.

4. Avoid direct eye exposure.

5. Please make the charging desk lamp far away combustible and explosive materials.

6. The charge time can't be more than 14 hours.

• Switch: On/ Off

• Shape: bee, mushroom, frog. cow, and mouse

• Skin packing