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4 CH H.264 CCTV Real-time Full D1 Realtime Recording Standalone Network DVR support mobile view

4 CH H.264 CCTV Real-time Full D1 Realtime Recording Standalone Network DVR support mobile view
  • 4 CH H.264 CCTV Real-time Full D1 Realtime Recording Standalone Network DVR support mobile view
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Quick Overview

4 CH H. 264 CCTV Network DVR Real-time Standalone DVR support Iphone android BlackBerry Symbian, Playback image quality: PAL, D1 (704 * 576) ;NTSC, D1 (704*480) , Audio input: 4 RCA


The DVR is designed specially for security and defence field which is an outstanding digital surveillance product. It introduces embedded LINUX operating system which is more stable. It introduces standard H. 264 mp video compressed format and G. 711A audio compressed format which insures the high quality image, low error coding ratio and single frame playing. It introduces TCP/ IP network technology which achieves the strong network communication ability and telecommunication ability.

The series DVR can be used individually or online applied as a part of a safety surveillance network. With the professional network video surveillance software it achieves the strong network communication ability and telecommunication ability.

The series DVR can be applied in the bank, telecom, electric power system, judicial system, transportation, intelligent housing, factory, storehouse, water conservancy and so on.


  • Real-time surveillance:
    analog interface and VGA interface (VGA interface is equipped selectively)
    surveillance function through monitor or display
  • Storage:
    non-working hard disk dormancy processing which is convenient to radiate heat, reduce power and
    extend the life-span (The Item Doesn't Contain Hard Disk)
    special storage format which insures the data safety
  • Compression:
    real-time compression by individual hard disk which insures the audio and video signal stable
  • Backup:
    through SATA interface and USB interface such as USB equipment, removable hard disk and so on
    through net download the files in the hard disk
  • Playback:
    individual real-time video recording as well as searching, playback, network surveillance, recording
    check, downloading and so on
    multi-playback mode
    zoom at arbitrary region
  • Net operating:
    through net tele-surveillance in the real time
    tele-PTZ control
    tele-recording check and real-time playback
  • Alarm linkage:
    multi-route relay alarm output which is convenient for the alarm linkage and light control at the spot
    protecting circuits at the alarm input and output interface which protects the main machine from damage
  • Communication interface:
    RS485 interface which fulfills the alarm input and PTZ control
    standard ethernet network interface which fulfills the telecommuting function
  • Intelligent operating:
    mouse action function
    fast copy and paste operating for the same setting
  • Language:
    Arabic, Czech, English, Finnish, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, T-Chinese, S-Chinese, Turkish, Brazilian, Bulgarian, Farsi, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Vietnamese
  • Mobile monitor:
    support Iphone android BlackBerry Symbian



  • Main processor: High performance embedded microprocessor
  • Operation system: Embedded LINUX operation system
  • System resource: synchronous multi-channel recording, synchronous multi-channel sub-code stream, synchronous multi-channel playback, synchronous network operation


  • Operation interface: 16 bit true color graphical menu interface, mouse operation supportive
  • display: 1/4image display

Video standard

  • PAL 625 line; NTSC 525 line

Surveillance image quality

  • PAL, D1 (704x576) ;NTSC, D1 (704x480)

Playback image quality

  • PAL, D1 (704*576) ;NTSC, D1 (704*480)

Video compression

  • H. 264 mp

Recording speed

  • 100/120fps (D1)

Motion detect

  • 64 (8*8) detection areas, multiple sensitivity

Audio compression

  • G711A

Bidrectional Talk:

  • Support

Record And Playback

  • Recording mode : manual ) alarm) motion detect) timingPlayback
  • Any channels playback, multiple channels playback
  • Search mode: Time searching, calendar searching, affair searching, channel searching, information searching

Storage And backup

  • Space Occupation: Audio: 28.8MB/ H Video: 25~450MB/ H
  • Recording storage: Hard disk, network (The Item Doesn't Contain Hard Disk)
  • Backup mode: Network, USB flash, USB movable HDD, USB external DVD-RW


  • Video input: 4 BNC
  • Video output: 1 BNC, 1 VGA
  • Audio input: 4 RCA
  • Audio output: 1 RCA
  • Network port: RJ45 10M/ 100M
  • PTZ control port: 1 RS485
  • USB port: 2* USB2.0 ports
  • Hard disk port: 1 SATA port


  • Working temperature: 0℃~+55℃
  • Working humidity: 10%-90%
  • Power supply: 12V/ 2A external power supply
  • Power consumption: (15W (without hard disk)
  • Air pressure 86kpa: -106kpa
  • Size: 260*200*43mm
  • Weight: 2kg (without hard disk)
  • Installation: Desktop

Item Includes:

  • 1 X 4 CH H. 264 Network DVR Real-time Full D1 DVR
  • 1 X USB Mouse
  • 1 X Remote Controller
  • 1 X Power Adapter
  • 1 X Software CD
  • (The Item Doesn't Contain Hard Disk)