4.3' TFT LCD Car Rearview Mirror Monitor 4 Reversing Parking Sensor System

4.3' TFT LCD Car Rearview Mirror Monitor 4 Reversing Parking Sensor System

Product description:

Quick Overview

All in one car reversing set with everything you will need for safety as you back up your car, including 4.3 Inch car rearview screen monitor, 4 radar sensors, and a handy senor box to connect everything together. Video parking sensor system consists of monitors, parking sensor host box, camera, unltrasonic probe four parts, via to install in ultrasonic probe to detect the distance between of the car and obstacles, and the rear view camera will show the image to the monitor


- TFT-LCD display for DVD, VCD player
- Special anti-glaring glasses for eye sight protection, in position of the original rearview mirror
- Automatically switch to rear view system when reversing, ensure to parking safety
- Touch screen button control
- Can connect to VCD, DVD, TV, GPS and etc. video input device
- Same size with original car rearview mirror
- Easy for installation and uninstallation

- Dual CPU and sensor precision accuracy: +/ -1cm
- Sensor detection range: 0cm-2.5m, digital readout
- From 40cm-2.5cm
- Dedicated 4.3 TFT-LCD rearview mirror monitor with 3 color OSD
- Bulit-in detection distance indication and buzzer
- MF2, MF3, TF0 sensors optional
- Eurepean license plate rear view camera optional
- Two video input
- Power input: DC 12V

Package include:
1* Mirror Monitor
1* Rear Sensors
1* Video Cables
1* Power Cable for Mirror Monitor
1* Power Cable Set for Sensors
1* Hole saw
1* Instructions