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2.3 Inch LCD Twins Cam HD Car Camcorder With G Sensor & GPS Module

2.3 Inch LCD Twins Cam HD Car Camcorder With G Sensor & GPS Module
  • 2.3 Inch LCD Twins Cam HD Car Camcorder With G Sensor & GPS Module
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Quick Overview

2.3 LCD Twins Cam HD Car Camcorder with G Sensor & GPS module, 140 degree super wide angle, 180 degree rotation of lens, video encryption function, AV out


*Double lens has been built in so as to take two images in both front and back directions respectively at the same time

*GPS module has been added for completely recording travelling track. During watch video on computer, you can use the special software delivered along with the equipment to trace automobile travelling route as shown on Google map when it is connected with internet.

*The built in G-sensor is able to record gravity induction information and make judgment according to offset in up and down directions, left and right directions and front and back directions of the automobile. If the offset reach specified value, it will think that the automobile is running abnormally and it will automatically lock current video for protection. During watch video on computer by special software delivered, you can check the change of gravity induction data and trace the gravity status of running.

*It can continuously take video without omission and give you reliable and genuine evidence.

*The exclusive encryption function can safeguard your privacy. In order to keep the maximum efficiency of the car data recorder, please carefully read this operation manual.


  • Small volume, 180┬░rotation type and 140┬░ A+ clear double lens with wide angle, with perfect design: one for outside and one for inside, or one for front and one for side of the automobile. It is convenient for shooting video for each kind of occasions from multiple angles and high resolution

  • Built in 1/4 inch charge-coupled device with low noise intensity and high quality of image, which can capture HD picture in the darker occasion.

  • GPS positioning, this can restore travelling track with all under control.

  • Built in microphone/ louder speaker

  • It can automatically work to take video when the automobile is started up and it is with time-delay function, so as to prevent the equipment from being damaged by instant pulse current caused by automobile startup.

  • Encryption for video, which can protect user's privacy by setting pass word.

  • Built in lithium battery, which can take video during power charge.

  • Support video output.


Size of LCD screen

2.3 inch high-definition TFT-LCD


Dual lenses of 140 degree A + wide angle




English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian


1280x480 30FPS (2CH Record) , 640x480 (1CH Record)

Format of image


Loop recording


No Seam record


Emergent event key


Audio switch


Image flip





Support external GPS


Micro SD up to 32GB, at least above 4GB, and access speed of Class 6 above (The card is not included )


Built-in stereo microphone and loudspeaker

Encryption function


Muting switch


Video signal


Video output


AV out


Time/ Date setting


Time/ Date watermark



Polymer Li-ion Battery 700Mah/ 3.7V

Operating system

WIN7/ Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista

Operating temperature


Storing temperature


Item Include:

  • 1 x Twins Cam HD Car Camcorder

  • 1 x GPS module

  • 1 x AV cable

  • 1 x Car Charger

  • 1 x Bracket

  • 1 x Manual